National Service SchemeNational Cadet Corps
Youth Red Cross Yoga & Meditation Club
Social Service League Physical Education
Book Depot Career Guidance and Placement Cell
Fine Arts Club Blood Donors' Club
Counseling Centre Debating Club
Students Union GAIT
1. National Service Scheme (NSS):*

The NSS wing has three units with the sanctioned strength of 300, functioning under the guidance of three teacher co-ordinators. Any student, in the aided stream, who has penchant for social service may get enrolled in NSS. Besides regular activities, a ten - day special camp, focusing on tree plantation, creation of awareness regarding personal hygiene, AIDS, Blood Donation, Environmental protection etc., is orgainsed every year. The wing pays attention to the all round development of the students.

2. National Cadet Corps (NCC): *

The NCC Army wing with the sanctioned strength of 90, is under the command of a Commissioned officer. Men Students who wish to improve their personality and leadership qualities and aspire to take up various positions in the Army may get enrolled in NCC. The cadets may appear for 'B' and 'C' certificate examinations after fulfilling the requirements prescribed by the authorities.

3. Youth Red Cross (YRC):*

This is yet another service organization with special focus on service to the society. Both men and women students may get enrolled in this forum. Training in Health Care, First Aid, Fire Fighting, Rescue Activities, Personality Development are the salient features of YRC. It also lends helping hand in the housekeeping of the institution.


4. Yoga & Meditation Club:*

The club aims at helping the students to be fit, both physically and mentally. The club functions under the guidance of well qualified teachers in Yoga & Meditation. Besides imparting training in Yoga & Meditation to both men and women students, the club gives special emphasis to 'Kaayakalpa' training.

5. Social Service League (SSL):*

This forum besides taking up social service activities, focuses its attention in the upkeep of the premises of the institution. Both, men and women students may get enrolled in this forum.

6. Physical Education (with Fitness Centre):*

With the objective of the improving the health and fitness of the youth, the fitness centre with many state - of - the - art equipments, is established for both men and women students. The centre functions under the supervision of the Director of Physical Education.

Working hours:8.00 A.M. to 9.00 A.M.
4.00 P.M. to 6.00 P.M.

The forums bearing * marks are co-curricular activities. Every student shall participate at least, in any one of these forums for a period of not less than 2 years (4 Semesters) with 2 hours per week. i.e. 30 Hrs per semester. Students participating in any one of these programmes should earn a minimum of 75 % attendance in the chosen programme.


7. Book Depot:

Supply of Text books, reference books and study materials to the students is taken care of by the Book Depot. The Depot places orders for books and study materials and distributes to the students well in time.

8. Career Guidance and Placement Cell:

The cell provides Guidance and Counseling to the students regarding higher studies and conducts coaching classes, model tests, group discussions, mock interviews etc., It also arranges for campus interviews for placement in various organizations.

Working hours:9.00 A.M. to 10.00 A.M.
4.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.
9. Fine Arts Club:

The Club intends to create fervour and passion among the students in fine arts. The raw talents in Music, Painting, Drawing, Drama, Dance etc., are being honed through this club.

10. Blood Donors' Club:

The Club with the noble intention of helping the poor patients of this area, has staff and students as its members. Any student may become the member of the club, get identified the blood group and donate blood whenever requisitions are received from the deserving patients.


11. Students welfare and Counseling Centre:

With the objective of taking care of both physical and mental welfare of the students, the centre comes into being from this academic year. To be housed in a separate room, the centre is to be manned by five staff members, out of whom two would be women. Students, both boys and girls having grievances and emotional problems may feel free to meet the counselors and get counseling.

Working hours:9.00 A.M. to 10.00 A.M.
4.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.
12. Debating Club:

The Analytical and Critical thinking of the students are to be honed by this club which comprises of both teachers and students. The Club would meet at least once in a month and discuss topics of current issues, thereby the participants get more insight and clarity regarding the issues.


13. Students Union, Tamil Peravai & Subject Associations:

The students' union is formed with the selected representatives of various major Departments. The selection of the representatives is done on merit basis and the student getting first rank will be the representative of the class. The representative of third year of the particular major subject will be the secretary of that association. From among the secretaries of various associations, Student Union chairman and Tamil Peravai chairman are nominated on rotation basis.

The Students' Union and Tamil Peravai enhance the organizing and leadership skills of students. These forums organize many activities such as invited speeches, debates, oratorical competitions, etc. The subject associations also organize various meetings and conduct a number of competitions.

           The following are the subject associations.

  • Economics Association
  • Mathematics Association
  • Physics Association
  • Chemistry Association
  • Botany Association
  • Computer Science Association
  • Commerce Association
  • Management Association


14. GAIT -Stands for Gobi Arts Association of Information Technology.

Gobi Arts Association of Information Technology is an Association formed by the Department of Computer Science. It is an Association known,

  • For the Students

  • Of the Students

  • By the Students.

It is a forum through the students can improve the Leadership qualities and the Organizational Capabilities of the Students, Guest Lectures, Seminars are also regularly conducted through this outfit.


15. 2. GACAANA

GACAANA - Stands for Gobi Arts College Alumni Association of North America.

It is an association established by our Alumni members who have settled in North America. They send magazines and journals regularly to enrich the knowledge of the students. The Journals / Magazines sent by them are kept in the library and they are being regularly make use of by the students for their development in the IT field.

16. 1. QUTRIX

QUTRIX - Stands for QUIZ & TRICKS.

QUTRIX - a great annual technical extravaganza and a state level technical symposium has been conducted during the month of March for the past several years for the betterment of the Computer Science students.

Qutrix invites students of Computer Science from various Institutions and Universities established all over TamilNadu and Pondicherry to participate enthusiastically and actively. Thus they share their knowledge and information. This helps the students of Computer Science and the participants to improve the communication skills and organizational abilities, leadership qualities, as well as they enjoy and develop spirit of team work among them.


16. 2. CRUCES

            An annual UG meet for the students of neighbouring distritcts for improving the technical knowledge and organizational skills of the students inculcating the spirit of team work.

15. 3. ITQuette

             An intradepartmental meet organized among the students consisting of fifteen events (technical and soft skill testing). It is an event organized by the students for the betterment of students.