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i)                    A student will be permitted to take the End of Semester Examinations provided he / she has a minimum of 75% attendance.If his / her attendance is between 65% and 74%, he /she will have to apply for condonation of the shortage of attendance on payment of a prescribed fee. However, the power to condone or to deny condonation of shortage of attendance rests with the Principal.

ii)                   In case the shortage of attendance of a student exceeds the limit prescribed for condonation of attendance, he/she will not be permitted to appear for the End of Semester Examination.

iii)                 Those students, who could not write the End-of-Semester Examination can continue their studies in the subsequent semester. However, the student with less than 50% of attendance in any semester will not be allowed to continue his/her study in the subsequent semester and he/she will be permitted to rejoin the semester where the attendance is less than 50% and continue the course.

iv)                 Deficiency of attendance in one semester shall be compensated in the subsequent semester such that the combined attendance for any two semesters will be taken into account for determining the eligibility of a student to be permitted for the EOS Examination.

v)                  A student will be given only one opportunity to carry forward the deficiency in attendance of one semester during the degree course, failing which he/she has to re-do the course with the permission of the University.



 Attendance Report 2013-2014 (Even Semester)  Nov 2013 to 28 Feb  2014
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