Co-curricular & Extra – Curricular Forums / Activities


  1. To make the students to learn to work in a team

  2. To create social responsibility among students

  3. To make them understand the problems prevailing in the community

  4. To develop leadership quality among the students

  5. To make them worthy citizens of the country

         Various forums like NSS, NCC, YRC, Yoga, SSL, CCC, GCC and Sports and Games are functioning effectively for the upliftment of the students in the college and society.

The following are the activities of these forums:


  • Conduct of Annual Camp and Awareness programmes

  • Organizing Blood Donation Camps

  • Adoption of Villages


  • Conduct of regular parades

  • Conduct of Awareness Rallies


  • Conduct of training programmes on Health Care, First Aid, Fire Fighting, and Rescue Activities

  • Conduct of Personality Development Programmes

  • Upkeep of college campus

Yoga and Meditation Club

  • Impart training in Yoga and Meditation

  • Organizing “Kayakalpa” Training


  • Conduct of Programmes related to Social Service

  • Programmes on Personality Development and leadership skills

  • Upkeep of college campus

Sports and Games

  • Conduct of programmes relating to health and fitness

  • Identification of Body Mass Index


  • Conduct of awareness programmes on Consumer Rights

  • Awareness Programmes through Rallies and Street Plays


  • To provide an integrated and inter disciplinary approach for social and cultural constructions of gender

  • To make the young boys and girls gender sensitive and create positive social norms

Book Depot

  • The Depot places orders for books and study materials and distribute to the students well in time

Career Guidance and Placement Cell

  • To provide Guidance and Counseling to the students for the higher studies

  • To conduct coaching class, model test, group discussion, mock interviews, etc., for students

  • Arrange campus interviews for placement in various organizations

Centre for Civil Services

  • To create awareness and motivate students for civil service examination

  • Conduct coaching class for competitive exam

Fine Arts and Cultural Club

  • Identification of special talents and skills among students

  • Training to develop their artistic skills

  • Encouragement to participate in cultural programmes on and off the campus

Blood Donors Club

  • Blood group identification

  • Conduct of Blood Donation camps

Students’ Welfare and Counselling Centre

  • Take care of both physical and mental welfare of the students

  • Students having grievances and emotional problems may feel free to meet the counselors for counselling

Student Thinkers / Debating Forum

  • Programmes to develop analytical and critical thinking

  • Conduct of group discussion on current social and economic issues

Examination Grievance and Redressal Cell

  • Grievance of the students for the internal assessment tests and end of semester examinations

Students Union, Tamil and Subject Associations

  • Organize programmes relating to special lectures, meetings and various competitions.


  • Conduct of awareness programmes on epidemic diseases.

  • Organize rallies, street plays, etc.,

Evidence of Success

  • The NSS volunteers of the college have made notable contributions to the society, like creating country roads and sanitary facilities to the rural people, painting walls of temples, schools and other public places under the village adoption scheme. Conduct of general medical camps, eye camps and veterinary camps during annual camps are worth mentioning.

  • The positive thoughts learned by the students through these forums increase the cordial relationship between them and reduce the peer conflicts.

  • On an average seven blood donation camps are conducted every year to help the poor patients. In these camps the students and the staff members donated around 280 units of blood every year. Apart from these camps, the students voluntarily donate blood to the needy people around the locality during emergency. The authorities of Blood Bank of Government Hospital, Gobichettipalayam appreciate the noble contribution of the students to the society.

  • Through these co-curricular forums, the students get leadership qualities, team spirit etc., and these help them to face the real world with lot of confidence.

  • These forums conduct jointly and severally, number of rallies to create awareness on various social issues like Saving of Electricity, Voting Rights, Consumer Awareness etc., every year.