Evaluation System: 

  • The college adheres to the declared examination schedule. If unforeseen circumstances arise, the examinations are rescheduled accordingly. 

  • After the completion of the examination, a list of those present and absent is prepared. Dummy numbers are posted on the answer books. Examiners both internal and external, value the answer scripts.

  • The marks are entered in the OMR sheet which is verified by the Chief Examiner of the respective Departments.

  • The OMR sheets are processed and the results are finalized for approval through the Passing Board and then the results are published through the website and also sent through SMS. The mark sheets are then issued to the students.

 Publication of Examination Results:

  The declaration of results is done within 10 days from the date of the last examination. It is simultaneously published in the college website and sent through SMS, so that the students and parents can have immediate access to the results.

 Provision for Transparency, Revaluation & Retotalling:

  • Transparency in Examinations: Any U.G. Student, not satisfied with the marks awarded in the End of Semester   Examinations, can apply for the Xerox Copies of valued answer scripts (theory only) by paying the prescribed fees.

  • The revaluation is applicable to E.O.S. Examination of all semesters in the case of UG courses.

  • Candidates of U.G. Examinations are eligible to apply for retotalling /revaluation on payment of the prescribed fees.

  • Candidates of P.G. Examinations are eligible to apply for retotalling only and not for revaluation.

  • The revaluation of answer scripts is to be done only by the external Examiners.

  • Procedure for transparency or revaluation or retotalling: The application should be submitted to the Controller of Examinations through the Principal within 10 days from the date of issue of mark sheets or the date of announcement of marks, whichever is earlier.

Improvement (for UG Courses only):

  • A candidate who has passed in any of the theory papers in any semester (Excluding Sixth Semester) and desires to improve his/ her score in those papers shall do so in the next succeeding semester itself.

  • Only one attempt for such improvement shall be permitted.

  • Marks secured by the candidate by way of improvement will be substituted for the marks secured by the candidate in the first attempt, if the former is higher than the latter. Otherwise, the marks secured in the first attempt will remain unchanged in the relevant records.

Supplementary Examination

  • Supplementary Examinations will be conducted for the final semester subjects of UG & PG Courses for those who register and fail or who register and absent for the final semester theory subjects, provided such candidates had passed in all the Examinations of previous semesters and provided further that such candidates should have passed the practical/project work and viva – voce Examinations of the final semester.

  • Supplementary Examinations shall be conducted after the publication of the results of final semester Examinations.