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Sports and Games

  • Intra and inter collegiate sports events are conducted in which sports persons of the college participate.
  • The program schedule prepared every year for student participation and programme schedules received from other colleges are intimated to the students so that they can actively participate.
  • Due to the motivation given to the students to take part in sports activities, the students have excelled in various events.
  •  Students of the college also take active part in sports activities particularly during the Annual Sports Meet.

The list of various sports and games conducted for intramural meet is given below:

Athletic Events (Men & Women)

1. 100 Mts Dash 8. 5 KM Walk15. Hammer Throw (M)
2. 200 Mts Dash 9. Long jump 16. Pole vault (M)
3. 400 Mts Dash10. High Jump17. 4x100 Mts Relay
4. 800 Mts Race11. Triple Jump (M)18. 4x400 Mts Relay
5. 1500 Mts Race12. Discus Throw19. Heptathlon (W)
6. 5000 Mts Race13. Javelin Throw 20. Decathlon (M)
7. 10000 Mts Race (M)14. Shot Put

Games Events (Men & Women)

1. Football (M) 5.Hockey (M)9.Cricket (M)
2. Ball Badminton 6.Kabaddi10.Chess
3. Basket ball (M)7.Badminton (Singles)11.Kho-Kho
4. Volleyball8. Badminton (Doubles)12.Table Tennis (M)

The department of Physical Education organized a National level seminar and a symposium. It also hosted university level Kho-Kho (women), Volley Ball (women) tournaments and Cross Country Race.


·        Has 350 students in its roll besides more than 200 potential athletes and players

·        Calculates Body Mass Index for all the first year students and offer advice to the needy

·        Conducts health awareness programmes

·        Adopts separate criteria for awarding grades to the students