Does Lisa get pregnant in friends from college?

This final episode of this season of Friends from College brings the culmination of a season that saw Ethan and Sam finally start a real relationship, Lisa finally gets pregnant, and Max tries his hand at co-writing a novel.

Who did Lisa sleep with in friends from college?

Lisa (Cobie Smulders) confessed to sleeping with Nick (Nat Faxon) out of paranoid revenge because she thought something was going on with Ethan and Sam. Sam’s SUV ends up at the bottom of her pool, which was excellent foreshadowing of where all these relationships headed in season 2.

Is Lisa pregnant with Ethan’s baby?

Lisa finally admits to him that she’s pregnant with Ethan’s child. Nick is dumbfounded. He tells Lisa that he gave up everything (i.e. his relationship with Merrill) to be with her.

Does Lisa Love Ethan?

For his part, Ethan is as contrite as he possibly can be, but insists that he did love Lisa in spite of his actions, and their marriage was still worthwhile.

Who is the father of Lisa’s baby?

History. Lisa was chosen by Carol and Rick, who were married at the time, to be their surrogate. However, the week she was inseminated, she had sex with Rick, Doug (Carol’s current husband), and her own husband, Jim, meaning that any of them could be the father of the baby.

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