How much is tuition at UNH?

Университет Нью-Хэмпшир

How much does it cost to go to UNH for 4 years?

Durham undergraduate costs 2021-2022

Resident Regional
Tuition $15,520 $27,160
Fees $3,442 $3,442
Double Room $7,738 $7,738
Board $4,628 $4,628

How much is UNH tuition room and board?

In State New Hampshire Resident Sticker Price

Fee Cost
Tuition $15,520
Books and Supplies $1,000
Other Fees $3,359
Room and Board $11,942

How much is a semester at UNH?

2021/2022 Tuition

Per Semester Per Year
NH Resident $7,760.00 $15,520.00
Out-of-State Resident $16,880.00 $33,760.00
New England Regional Student Program1 $13,580.00 $27,160.00
CEPS Engineering & Computer Science 2 $717.00 $1,434.00

How much financial aid does UNH give?

Priceless. That’s the value of an education. At the University of New Hampshire, 88% of students receive need-based aid. We award over $200 million annually in scholarships and financial aid which means investing in your future doesn’t have to be expensive.

Is UNH a party school?

UNH has a reputation as a party school, and Durham delivers the standard college-town entertainment, with plenty of bars and restaurants. The campus is also less than 30 minutes from the Seacoast region of the state, and an hour and a half from both New Hampshire’s White Mountains and big-city life in Boston.

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Does UNH offer a sibling discount?

One university offered a 50-percent discount if they attended together. Raymond Zabkar considered finishing his associates degree at Great Bay Community College, where he and his sisters had earned college credits during their high school years.

Does UNH give good financial aid?

Because more UNH students get institutional aid, it likely offers relatively competitive financial aid. This means fewer students will need to take out loans to pay for college. The amount of money that students actually get is just as important (if not more important) than the percent of students who get grants.

Does UNH give scholarships?

All applicants to UNH are considered for merit-based scholarship at the time of application review. Academic achievement in the classroom is the most critical factor in awarding merit scholarships at the University. Scholarships are intended to recognize, and reward behaviors valued by UNH.