Is University of Tokyo prestigious?

University of Tokyo (Todai) is considered to be the most selective and prestigious university in Japan and is counted as one of the best universities in the world. … Academic Ranking of World Universities ranked the University of Tokyo 1st in Asia and 20th in the world in 2012.

Is the University of Tokyo competitive?

As the University of Tokyo is considered to be the most prestigious university in Japan and renowned around the world, it is no surprise that the university will have high expectations from its pool of candidates, hence the relatively low acceptance rate.

What is the Harvard of Japan?

The Harvard College Japan Initiative (HCJI) is a student-run organization dedicated to fostering greater interaction and understanding between students from the U.S. and Japan.

What is the hardest university to get into in Japan?

Universities in Japan with Lowest Acceptance Rates

  • Hitotsubashi University. …
  • Tokyo University of Science. …
  • Sophia University. …
  • Keio University. …
  • Nihon University. …
  • Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) Acceptance Rate: 26.3% …
  • University of Tsukuba. Acceptance Rate: 31.6% …
  • The University of Tokyo. Acceptance Rate: 34%

Is it hard to get into Tokyo University?

The number varies depending on the faculty. This means that your chance of getting into the University of Tokyo is not much worse than other highly selective universities in Japan such as Waseda University, Keio University, or Sophia University.

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Is University of Tokyo expensive?

Tuition fees in Japan are actually relatively affordable, especially when compared with those in the US and the UK. … For example, fees at the high ranking University of Tokyo start at 485,900 yen (£3,520) for undergraduates. There is also a 248,500 yen (£1,800) admission fee.

Is university in Japan expensive?

Even at private universities, tuition fees in Japan are usually around US$12,000-18,000 per year – much lower than the international fees typically charged in countries such as the US and UK. … Studying abroad in Japan is also an investment that’s likely to pay off.

Why are Japanese universities ranked so low?

All five of the education experts to which the South China Morning Post spoke agreed Japan’s low rankings result from a combined lack of English-language innovation, university funding and internationalisation. … this trend is also seen in the social sciences because research is evaluated in Japanese,” he said.

What GPA do you need to get into Tokyo University?

You will need a minimum cumulative GPA of 4.5 to study at UTokyo.

Is Tokyo University Private?

Tokyo, the Home of Educational Enterprise

All of these private universities have continued that tradition, but with their own differentiation. Whether that be by academic fortes or cultural atmosphere, the private universities of Tokyo are not only top quality, but vast in their array of character.