What GPA do you need to get into PCC?

What is required to get into PCC?

You may be eligible for admission to PCC if you are: A high school graduate. Not a high school graduate, but over 18 years old. A 12th-grade-or-below student who meets Concurrent or Dual Enrollment eligibility.

Is it too late to apply to PCC?

For 8-12 week classes, the late registration deadline is the second Tuesday of the term. For short-term classes, which have earlier deadlines, it is two business days after the drop deadline for the class. You cannot register for a class after the deadline.

How do I take classes at PCC?

Not sure what class to take?

  1. Log in. Log in to MyPCC. …
  2. Term-to-term checklist. On the MyPCC Home tab, and click Register for classes in the Term-to-Term Checklist.
  3. Look up your classes. Click Look Up Classes. …
  4. Choose the subject area. …
  5. View sections. …
  6. Check for available seats. …
  7. Register for the class! …
  8. Check your status.

What does PCC stand for?


Acronym Definition
PCC Public Complaints Commission
PCC Post-Coital Contraception (birth control)
PCC Partnership Coordination Cell
PCC Personal Communication Computer

Is PCC a good college?

PCC ranks favorably in the new community college degree rankings. … This year, PCC ranked No. 25 in total number of associate’s degrees offered and is No. 13 among community colleges.

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How do I access my PCC email?

Every PCC student has a PCC email account that includes “@pcc.edu” in the address. To log in to your email, visit MyPCC and click the email icon in the upper right corner. Call the PCC IT Service Desk at 971-722-4400, option 1 if you need assistance obtaining your username and password.

Is PCC library open today?

PCC Library is closed due to COVID-19 concerns. See PCC Library Resources and Help When Off-Campus for ways to get in touch with us and use our online resources.

Is Pasadena City a semester or quarter?

Units — The unit of measurement of Pasadena City College work shall be the semester unit. Grades — Grades are available online in LancerPoint, approximately two weeks after the close of each semester and intersession.

Can you transfer from PCC to UCLA?

PCC Honors Transfer Program

Our Honors Program has partnerships that give qualified participants priority admission to UCLA and UC Riverside.