Can 2 Sims go to university together Sims 3?

Have all your Sims apply at the same time and wait for every one of them to get accepted. If they’re all in the same household, this will go faster. … Save as you switch between households, but it will put all your Sims at university simultaneously so they can go through the first term together.

Can you send two Sims to university at the same time Sims 4?

You can use cheats as “university debug” or “add to household”, etc… Otherwise without cheats, as some already said, you can simply enroll one then go to manage world to change from household and enroll the other sim, moving them in the same dorm, and keep going for as much sims you want to enroll at the same time.

Can Sims get married in university 3?

In The Sims 3, your Sim can pursue Romantic Interests and have a girlfriend or boyfriend. They can deepen and strengthen those relationships until the Sims are in love. Sims can then propose marriage and eventually marry their fiancee.

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Can you go with your Sims to university?

All Sims from young adults and upwards can attend university. This means that mature students are officially in-game.

Can I send two Sims to university?

You can send your favorite Sims to university together without having to control all of them. … Then play your active Sims and don’t switch back to the inactive ones until your inactive Sims graduate. If you go back to an inactive Sim, you can re-enroll her if you want to start playing her actively again.

How old does your Sim have to be to go to university?

8 Teenagers Can Apply To Universities

Although teenagers cannot attend university until they age into young adults they can begin the application process when they are still teenagers, although they appear to need to be close to young adulthood with aging on.

Can you marry Sims from university?

Young adult Sims can get engaged, but cannot marry while they are at college. … If the Sims are not already living together, the Sim being proposed to will move in with the Sim who proposed as soon as the wedding ceremony is over. For both engagement and marriage, either Sim can propose.

How do you know if your Sim is pregnant in Sims 3?

Once the ‘Try for Baby’ interaction is complete, the (possibly) pregnant Sim can use the ‘Take Pregnancy Test’ interaction on any toilet to find out if it was successful. The test costs §15 and, if it’s positive, the ‘Eating For Two’ (Happy +1) moodlet will appear, lasting for 24 hours.

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What happens to household when Sim goes to university?

What happens if I switch households (or play another Sim)? Changing households while in University will see time pass normally, and the Sim will get average progress in their classes. The non-played student will need to be re-enrolled manually to resume progress toward graduation.

How much does university cost in the Sims?

The Sims 4 Discover University – PC

List Price: $39.99 Details
You Save: $10.00 (25%)

Can Sims get pregnant in university?

Your Sims can get pregnant while at University. If you are living in University Housing, you will be encouraged to move somewhere that you can better care for your child.

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