Can you minor in psychology at UCLA?

Does UCLA have a minor in psychology?

The Applied Developmental Psychology (ADP) minor is designed to (1) provide a coherent, challenging academic program focused on investigating, understanding, and supporting the development of young children and their families, (2) teach undergraduate students how to apply theories, research methods, and research …

Can you have a minor at UCLA?

UCLA offers more than 90 minors, many of which you can pair in unexpected ways with majors. For instance, the food studies minor can be a nice complement to majors in chemistry, biology, communication and many more things.

Can you major in psychology at UCLA?

Students may declare the Pre-psychology major once they have established a prep GPA by taking at least one prep course for a letter grade at UCLA and have an average prep GPA of 2.5 or higher.

What minors are available at UCLA?

Undergraduate Minors

Department Name Abbrev. Minor Name
Biomedical Research BMD RES Biomedical Research
Brain and Behavioral Health BRN HLT Brain and Behavioral Health
Chicana and Chicano Studies (Pre-21W) CHICANO Chicana and Chicano Studies
Chicana/o and Central American Studies CCAS Chicana and Chicano Studies
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Can you double major at UCLA?

1 answer. The School of Theater, Film, and Television at UCLA doesn’t allow double majors:

Is UCLA good for psychology?

UCLA Psychology Rankings

In College Factual’s most recent rankings for the best schools for psychology majors, UCLA came in at #12. This puts it in the top 5% of the country in this field of study. It is also ranked #1 in California.

Do they say your minor at graduation?

Minors do not appear on the diploma, but are on your official/unofficial transcripts. Graduate diplomas include: Degree type (Certificate, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, etc.) and your program of study, which may include a designated emphasis.

Are minors worth it?

In the end, choosing a minor isn’t a decision to make lightly. … But if you’re truly passionate about a subject, it might be worth choosing an unrelated minor — it may provide personal fulfillment, or even open up a career path that you may not have considered or been aware of otherwise.

Do minors show up on diploma?

Minors are not included on diplomas; however, all majors and all minors will be listed on your transcript.

How do I declare my major at UCLA psychology?

Students may declare major standing once all preparation courses are complete, with final grades posted, by requesting a pink petition via email to the Psychology Undergraduate Advising Office ( An overall GPA of 2.00 (C) is required in the upper division courses.

What major goes with psychology?

Some of the best double major picks for psychology students include:

  • Criminal Justice.
  • Health Science.
  • Neuroscience.
  • Exercise Science.
  • Statistics.
  • Education.
  • Business.
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What does pre mean before a major?

What is a pre-major? A pre-major is a collection of core course requirements that incoming students must complete prior to being designated as a full major. The material covered in these courses provides the foundation for more focused and detailed study as you progress through the major.