Frequent question: What percentage of college graduates are illiterate?

What is the illiteracy rate in the US 2020?

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), 21 percent of adults in the United States (about 43 million) fall into the illiterate/functionally illiterate category.

What percentage of the world is illiterate 2019?

In 2019, the illiteracy rate among adults aged 15 years and older was 34.7 percent in Sub-Saharan Africa. In South Asia the illiteracy rate was 27.1 percent.

The illiteracy rate among all adults (over 15-year-old) in 2019, by world region.

Characteristic The illiteracy rate among all adults
Arab States 20.6%

What is the average Lexile score for a college student?

Research shows that 1300L or above is the target Lexile measure for students to be ready for college and career in reading.

What is considered college level reading?

∎ When you can understand college-level materials, you are ready to practice reading faster. The average college student reads about 350 words per minute. A “good” reading speed is around 500 to 700 words per minute, but some people can read a thousand words per minute.

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What is the most illiterate state?

States with the Lowest Literacy Rates

  1. 1. California. California’s 23.1% of adults lacking basic prose literacy skills make California have the lowest literacy rate of 76.9%. …
  2. New York. …
  3. Florida. …
  4. Texas. …
  5. New Jersey.

What is the most illiterate city in America?

The top 10 least literate U.S. cities:

  • Laredo, Texas.
  • Bakersfield, California.
  • El Paso, Texas.
  • Stockton, California.
  • Anaheim, California.
  • Corpus Christi, Texas.
  • San Antonio, Texas.
  • Fresno, California.

What is America’s literacy rate 2019?

The Census Bureau reported a literacy rate of 86 percent, based on personal interviews and written responses to Census Bureau mailings.

How many students are below grade level in reading?

More than 60 percent of twelfth-grade students scored below the proficient level in reading achievement, and 27 percent scored below the basic level in reading. This means these lowest-performing high school seniors do not even have partial mastery of the appropriate grade-level knowledge and skills.

What country has a 100 literacy rate?

1. North Korea. Isolated from the world, North Korea has topped the list for the highest literacy rate of 100%. With a growth rate of 0.46%, the country has developed over the years to boost the literacy rate.

Which country has the lowest literacy rate 2020?

Lowest Literacy Rates

  • South Sudan. 27.0%
  • Afghanistan. 28.1.
  • Niger. 28.7.
  • Burkina Faso. 28.7.
  • Mali. 33.4.
  • Chad. 35.4.
  • Somalia. 37.8.
  • Ethiopia. 39.0.

What is the most uneducated country?

The World’s 20 Most Illiterate Countries

Illiterate Male
1. Niger 80.9 72.7
2. South Sudan 73.2 65.2
3. Guinea 69.6 61.9
4. Burkina Faso 64.0 57.0
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