How do I appeal a grade at Liberty University?

Within 30 calendar days of the end of the sub-term, the student may submit a written appeal to the Online Chair but should do so through the Grade Appeal Form. To access the form, you will need to log in using your Liberty username and password. The student must include the information required above.

How do you successfully appeal a grade?

5 steps to resolve your grade dispute

  1. Step 1: Research the official college procedure for grade disputes. …
  2. Step 2: Go up the correct ladder. …
  3. Step 3: Maintain key evidence. …
  4. Step 4: Argue the charge you can prove and win. …
  5. Step 5: Keep the “big relationship picture” in mind.

What happens if you fail a class at Liberty University?

Students who fail to raise their cumulative GPA to the required academic level (see above) by the end of the subsequent semester and/or who fail to meet the terms of their Academic Contract will be Academically Dismissed and will not be allowed to return to Liberty unless qualifying for Academic Amnesty.

What is the grading scale for Liberty Online?

Grades, Quality Points, and GPA

Grade Meaning Quality Points Per Semester Hour
B+ Good to Excellent 3.33
B Good 3.00
B- Good to Average 2.67
C+ Average to Good 2.33
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Are grade appeals successful?

You should not appeal because the instructor refused to discuss the homework or avoided answering questions in class or during office hours. … If the instructor outlined their procedure on the course syllabus and/or applied it equally to all students, a grade appeal will not be successful.

Can you appeal your grades?

Appealing to the school

Pupils can appeal to the school in the first instance if they believe the grade awarded is unfair or incorrect. The advice is to contact your school, requesting that they review a grade you are unhappy with.

How do I ask my teacher to reconsider a grade?

First, describe what is going on as objectively as possible. Then ask how this professor feels about the situation (and be sure to mention that you may not be describing it objectively, even though you are trying to do so). Also, ask for advice. The advice might be to “just suck it up” or to drop the class.

How do I convince my teacher to raise my grade?

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  1. Be strategic. Always be honest and fair when you approach teachers with questions and commentary about your grades. …
  2. Go the extra mile. Let your teacher know that you’re serious about their class and its associated coursework. …
  3. Ask for help. …
  4. Be present. …
  5. Play up your strengths.

Is it hard to get into Liberty University?

Admissions Overview

Liberty admissions is selective with an acceptance rate of 51%. Students that get into Liberty have an average SAT score between 1040-1260 or an average ACT score of 21-28. The regular admissions application deadline for Liberty is rolling.

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Can I double major at Liberty University?

Double Majors

Students pursuing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree who wish to complete a double major or a dual degree must contact the Academic Advising Department and declare the double major or dual degree via phone or their Liberty University webmail account.