How many students does MIT accept each year?

First-year applications 33,240
First-year admits 1,365
Percentage admitted 4.1%

Does MIT accept average students?

MIT doesn’t specify a minimum GPA requirement and doesn’t release the average GPA of admitted applicants. (The school does provide other admissions statistics like average test scores.) That being said, due to the caliber of students accepted at MIT, we can assume that the average GPA is quite high.

How many Indian students get into MIT every year?

By Citizenship and Degree Level

Citizenship UG Total
India 22 368
Indonesia 5 19
Iran 4 32
Iraq 1 1

How many international students does MIT accept each year?

There are 3,331 international students enrolled in degree programs at MIT—458 undergraduates (10%) and 2,873 graduate students (41%)—for the current academic year.

International Students.

Region %
Asia 53%
Europe 23%
Latin America and the Caribbean 8%
North America 6%

Is MIT better than Harvard?

Another factor to consider is your academic interests and what you want to major in. Although both Harvard and MIT offer 50+ majors in different fields, MIT is more geared toward science, math, and technology, while Harvard embraces a broader range of fields, especially liberal arts and humanities majors.

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Can an Indian get into MIT?

Out of thousands who apply, only 458 international students are accepted to MIT’s undergraduate program. And if you’re wondering about how to get into Massachusetts institute of technology for masters from India, the good news is that the numbers are slightly better.

Can you get a full scholarship to MIT?

MIT provides financial aid on the basis of financial need only. We don’t award money based on any measure of merit—academic, athletic, artistic, or anything else.

What percent of MIT is Indian?

The Number of Indian Students at MIT is Increasing

Over the last several years the total Indian population of students on campus has grown at an average rate of 3.2%. The chart below shows how the total number of Indian students at MIT has grown over the past several years.

What GPA do you need for MIT?

There’s no formula for gaining transfer admission to MIT. There’s no minimum required GPA, however, competitive applicants typically have a 3.5 GPA or above, and mostly As in math and science courses. Ideal preparation includes—at the very least—one year each of college-level calculus and calculus-based physics.

How many Indian students are in Harvard University?

Harvard University is Extremely Popular With Indian Students

An analysis of student visa data suggests that in 2019 as many as 213,062 Indian students came to the U.S. to study at American colleges and universities. From this pool of 213,062, Harvard was home to approximately 527 Indian students.

What is the rank of MIT in the world?

This year’s World University Rankings feature 1,029 universities in total.

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Top 100 Universities in the World According to the QS World University Rankings 2022
Rank University Location
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) United States
2 University of Oxford United Kingdom
=3 Stanford University United States
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