How many students go to Ufv?

Университет Фрейзер Вэлли

What is UFV known for?

UFV will be known as a gathering place for learners, leaders, and seekers. We will pursue diverse pathways of scholarship, leading to community connection, reconciliation, and prosperity, locally and beyond. A vision statement describes what we want to become in the future in a way that challenges and inspires us.

What cities are in the Fraser Health region?


Fraser North Fraser South Fraser East
Anmore Delta* Abbotsford*
Belcarra Langley* Agassiz
Burnaby* Surrey* Chilliwack*
Coquitlam White Rock* Harrison Hot Springs

Is Surrey part of the Fraser Valley?

Neighbouring Surrey is the Fraser Valley, which is made up of several communities including the cities of Langley, Abbotsford, and Chilliwack. Although it is primarily a rural and agricultural community, there has been significant growth in its cities in recent years.

What percentage of Fraser Valley residents have some sort of post secondary education?

In the Fraser Valley, the transition rate is somewhat lower at around 70%. Immediate transitions to post-secondary average just over 50% provincially and 43% in the Fraser Valley.

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