How much is the Hutton Honors College Scholarship?

Max $6,000
Min $1,000

How many students are in the Hutton Honors College?

Staff moved into the new building in December 2008. Today, the Hutton Honors College is led by Dean Andrea Ciccarelli, and incoming classes are well over 1,000 students per year.

How do you get into Indiana University honors?

take at least 12 credit hours of courses each semester. maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.40. attend at least one approved educational/cultural activity each year. successfully complete at least three approved Hutton Honors College or departmental honors courses during your first four semesters on campus.

How hard is it to get into Hutton Honors College?

Admission and academics

Admission into the prestigious Hutton Honors College requires students to have a minimum HS GPA of 3.90 (or top 7.5% class rank) and a ≥32 ACT or ≥1390 (OLD SAT CR+M)/ ≥1440 (NEW SAT) OR a minimum HS GPA of 3.85 (or top 10% class rank) and a ≥34 ACT or ≥1470 (OLD SAT CR+M)/ ≥1510 (NEW SAT).

Does IU have an Honors College?

The Hutton Honors College is a diverse community of high-achieving students from all over the world who want more out of their academic experiences and themselves. If you apply to IU Bloomington by November 1 and meet the Hutton Honors College academic criteria, you will be directly admitted.

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What is Ball State Honors College?

The Honors College offers distinctive learning opportunities for students with excellent academic promise by way of special courses, colloquia, seminars, and independent study. The curriculum is interdisciplinary in nature, consisting of courses that link issues and themes from a variety of modes of inquiry.

How do I apply to Purdue Honors College?

To apply, you must indicate your interest in the Honors College on your Purdue Common Application before the November 1 Early Action deadline. You will then be given a prompt to answer regarding your affinity for the Honors College. Each year, we are limited to an enrollment of approximately 750 new students.

What is an IU founders scholar?

Founders Scholars

To be designated a Founders Scholar, an undergraduate degree-seeking student must have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.8 or above by the end of the fall term immediately preceding the Honors Convocation.

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