Is College Ave trustworthy?

A: College Ave is good for students who are enrolled in an accredited graduate or undergraduate school, or an accredited career program. Parents can also get College Ave loans to help pay for their child’s education.

How long does it take to get a loan from college Ave?

Approval times can vary, but most lenders will let you know if you’re approved within a matter of days. At College Ave, we’ve simplified our application so you can get an instant decision in as little as three minutes.

Is college Ave a federal loan?

The federal government offers Federal Direct PLUS loans to either graduate students or parents who want to pay for school. … Some private lenders, such as College Ave, do not charge origination loan fees.

Does college Ave require a cosigner?

Lenders will likely require undergraduates to apply with a qualified cosigner who will be equally responsible for repaying the loan. It’s a serious ask, but a student loan cosigner’s good credit history and belief in the student will help them reach their goals in college and beyond.

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Does college Ave have prepayment penalty?

Note: Be sure to confirm that your lender does not have a prepayment penalty or fee before making additional payments. College Ave does not charge a penalty or fee for making additional payments.

Is college Ave a private loan?

The bottom line: College Ave is an online lender founded in 2014 that offers both private student loans and student loan refinancing. Its private loan is best for students who want to make payments while they’re still in school.

How do I know if my student loan is approved?

Here’s how to check on your loan status: Federal student loans: To check your FAFSA status, you can log into your FAFSA account and look at the “My FAFSA” page. If your federal loans have been approved, check with your loan servicer for the disbursement status.

Do student loans go into your bank account?

Note that after you agree to borrow a loan, you typically don’t get the money deposited in your bank account right away. … Before your student loan is disbursed, both your school and your lender should notify you in writing that the money is on its way.

What is the best loan to get for college?

A subsidized loan is your best option. With these loans, the federal government pays the interest charges for you while you’re in college.

Quick Guide: Which College Loans Are Best?

  • Federal Perkins Loans. …
  • Federal Direct Subsidized Loans. …
  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans. …
  • Federal Direct PLUS Loans.

Can a cosigner ever be released from the loan College Ave?

Co-Signer Release

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Unlike some lenders College Ave allows borrowers to release cosigners from the loan, provided certain conditions are met: They are at least halfway through their repayment term.

Will Sallie Mae approve me without a cosigner?

Sallie Mae will allow students to get a loan without a cosigner under special circumstances. They also have a program by which cosigners can be released after 12 consecutive payments.