Is there a dress code for Oxford University?

Most Oxford students dress casually but you will need a jacket and tie at least, and a dark suit will probably be needed once in a while (or the women’s equivalent). There is no “dress code” for tutorials per se, but smart casual dress is strongly advised. … For these events, women should wear a party dress or long gown.

Do you wear uniforms at Oxford University?

Oxford might be the only university whose students wear a uniform for exams and other special occasions – it’s called subfusc, and consists of a black suit for men, or a black skirt and cardigan for women, with a white shirt underneath, a black ribbon round the neck, and a huge, billowing black robe with funny ties …

How difficult is getting into Oxford?

Thousands of students have now heard whether they have been offered places at Oxford University. … Getting in is hard, but perhaps not as hard as people think, says Mike Nicholson, the university’s head of undergraduate admissions, with on average five applications for every place.

Can you work while studying at Oxford?

The Home Office have confirmed that you may work unrestricted hours between your visa validity start date and the start of your course. After you have completed your course, including all work to hand in and assessments, you are allowed to work full-time while your Student visa is still valid.

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How long is an Oxford interview?

Students are encouraged to regard the interview as a short conversation tutorial about their subject. On average, it takes around 20 minutes; shortlisted students will have at least two interviews, with two different sets of interviewers, often in more than one college.

How many Oxford applicants get an interview?

Who gets invited to interview? Oxford typically receives over 22,000 applications for around 3,300 places every year and carries out around 10,000 interviews. With so many more applications than places, it just isn’t possible to interview everyone.

What does your GPA have to be to get into Oxford?

Undergraduate qualifications

If your graduate course at Oxford requires a ‘first class undergraduate degree with honours’ in the UK system, you will usually need you will usually need a bachelor’s degree (honours) with an overall grade of first-class or a GPA of 3.7 out of 4.0.

When did Oxford students stop wearing gowns?

I think the change came about in 1965 ( possibly 1966) after a spate of serious bicycle accidents caused by gowns caught in wheels. The atmosphere in the city changed completely as students were not as easily recognised. The Proctor with his two ‘bulldogs’ patrolled the city to check that gowns were worn.

How do you become an Oxford scholar?


  1. Develop a robust work ethic. …
  2. Be passionate. …
  3. Get perfect grades. …
  4. Examine the complete list of courses on offer at Oxford. …
  5. Go through the requirements and selection criteria for your chosen course. …
  6. Settle on the Oxford college you wish to apply. …
  7. Read Oxford’s Application Guide. …
  8. Additional Written Work.
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How long is a DPhil at Oxford?

The Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Philosophy is a three- to four-year full-time research programme whereby you undertake a doctoral level research project under the guidance of your supervisor(s).

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