Question: What are the documents required for Poland student visa?

Valid passport (must be valid for three months after your planned departure from Poland) Official letter of acceptance from a university in Poland. Your CV. School certificates and diplomas.

How much bank statement is required for Poland student visa?

How Much Bank Balance Is Required For Poland Student Visa? An average of 13,000 USD is required as bank balance in the name of the applicant who wishes to study in Poland. This amount is excluded from the tuition fees, living charges, and visa application fee for the individual applying for the Poland student visa.

How do I get a student visa for Poland?

Visa Requirements

  1. A filled-in and signed Poland Student Visa Application form.
  2. Valid passport (must be valid for three months after planned departure from Poland)
  3. Official letter of acceptance to a college or university in Poland.
  4. A short CV.
  5. Your school certificates and diplomas.

How long does Poland student visa take?

5) Submit all the documents including a printed and signed application form and the visa fee. Your visa application is complete. It should take up to 15 days for it to be reviewed.

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How much is a student visa for Poland?

Poland Student Visa Financial Requirements:

Adding them both, the monetary funds required for the Poland Student Visa are 12100 PLN (2814 EUR / 3184 USD )a year.

Is Poland visa easy to get?

Poland. The Republic of Poland is also an easier country to get a visa from. Despite a 0.9 difference with Latvia, those applying for a Schengen visa to Poland have a 97% chance of getting a positive answer. The Central European country had a low rate of visa rejection of only 3%.

How much money is required to study in Poland?

Students will need a minimum of 30,000 PLN (~US$7,820) per year to cover their living costs in Poland. International tuition fees can reach up to ~US$4,180 per year at public universities.

Can I stay in Poland after graduation?

Poland is a land where west and east meet. … Foreign EU/EEA and Swiss students may work in Poland without restriction after graduation. You just need to ensure that your stay permit is in order. You need to prove that you are financially able to live in the country without government assistance.

What are the requirements to study in Poland?

However, some of the requirements remain the same for all the countries and they include:

  • A filled-in visa application form.
  • Valid passport.
  • Official letter of acceptance to a school in Poland.
  • A short CV.
  • Your school certificates and diplomas.
  • Evidence of proficiency in the language in which you wish to study.

Is there any age limit to study in Poland?

AGE LIMIT OF ADMISSION: 25 years, regardless of the diplomas obtained after the high school diploma and the cycle of studies requested.

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What are the benefits of studying in Poland?

Five top advantages of studying in Poland

  • Amazing study programs. There are over 400 universities spread across Poland and over 1.1 million students enrolled in them. …
  • Magical places. …
  • Affordable living. …
  • Vibrant student life. …
  • Friendly people. …
  • The bottom line of studying in Poland.

How much is Poland visa fee?

Short-stay visas can be for business or tourism purposes, as well as family and short study visits, or for medical reasons. The standard fee for processing your Schengen Visa application is €80 for adults and €40 for minors.

How much is the cheapest university in Poland?

Cheap Universities in Poland for International Students

  1. AGH University of Science and Technology. Tuition fees: From EUR 6500. …
  2. Jagiellonian University. Tuition fees: From EUR 10,000. …
  3. University of Warsaw. …
  4. University of Wroclaw. …
  5. Warsaw University of Technology. …
  6. Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan. …
  7. University of Gdansk.

Which course is best in Poland?

Courses in Demand in Poland

  • Advanced Mechanical Engineering. …
  • Computer Science and Information Technology. …
  • Automation and Control. …
  • Engineering Management. …
  • Administration in International Organizations. …
  • Chemistry. …
  • Master in Finance and Accounting. …
  • LLM.

Is studying in Poland worth it?

International students agree that universities in Poland provide some of the best higher education in Europe. … Students also rated three more universities in Poland as “excellent”: Gdansk School of Banking, the University of Warsaw and Wroclaw University of Technology.