Question: What year did Ezekiel Elliott come out of college?

Year School Class
*2014 Ohio State SO
*2015 Ohio State JR
Career Ohio State

How much did Zeke weigh in college?

Ezekiel Elliott

No. 21 – Dallas Cowboys
Weight: 218 lb (99 kg)
Career information
High school: John Burroughs School (Ladue, Missouri)
College: Ohio State

What year did Ezekiel Elliott go to Ohio State?

Best Single-Season Rushing Performances in Ohio State History

Ranking Player (Year) Yards (Rushing Attempts)
2 Eddie George (1995) 1,927 (328)
3 Ezekiel Elliott (2014) 1,878 (273)
4 Ezekiel Elliott (2015) 1,821 (289)
5 Keith Byars (1984) 1,764 (336)

Is Ezekiel Elliott overweight?

Using this method, every NFL star is at least overweight.

Ezekiel Elliott was Obese for the 2019 Season. Why BMI for Athletes May Not Be Correct.

Team Arizona Cardinals Dallas Cowboys
Star Player Kyler Murray Ezekiel Elliott
Weight 207 228
BMI 29.7 30.9
WHO Classification Overweight Obese
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