Question: Who is the academic dean at Polk State College Lakeland campus?

Nearly a month into his new position as Dean of Academic Affairs on the Polk State College Lakeland Campus, John Glenn already has his finger on the pulse of what students need because “I am our students,” he says.

Who are the academic deans at Polk State College?


Falconetti, Angela, Ed.D. President
Robinson, April, M.P.A. Dean, Academic Affairs – Winter Haven
Sakagawa, Tamara, M.C.P. Associate Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs
Sams, Michelle, M. Ed. Associate Dean, Student Services – Lakeland
Santiago, Martha, Ed.D. Provost -Winter Haven

Is Polk State College closing?

Polk State College is fully operational in the remote environment while campuses and centers are closed to students and visitors due to the COVID-19 public health emergency. For assistance with financial aid, students may call 863.297.

What is Polk State College known for?

Polk State College, a quality-driven institution serving Polk County and beyond, transforms students’ lives through the power of teaching and lifelong learning by providing access to affordable associate and baccalaureate degrees, career certificates, and workforce employment programs, delivered through various …

What do deans do in college?

Deans are responsible for recruitment, appointment and retention of academic administrators, faculty and staff for their college or school. Deans create hiring plans for their college or school and participate in the recruiting and hiring process for faculty and staff.

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Is Polk State College a good school?

“Polk State College is a great starter school for you to get your most basic classes in for your Associates. It’s very common for students to transfer to other universities to finish their Bachelors. Polk State currently has quite a few options themselves for BAS degrees, but not everything.