Quick Answer: What is another word for student?

What are synonyms for students?

synonyms for student

  • graduate.
  • junior.
  • pupil.
  • scholar.
  • undergraduate.
  • learner.
  • novice.
  • observer.

What is another word for good student?

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6 »brilliant student exp.
2 »fine student exp.
2 »good pupil exp.
2 »honor student exp.
2 »particularly bright student exp.

What do you call a teenager?

A person aged between 13 and 19 years. youth. youngster. juvenile. adolescent.

What is a better word than excellent?

sterling, superlative, great, good, exemplary, exceptional, skillful, admirable, outstanding, magnificent, superb, accomplished, first-rate, attractive, finest, fine, distinguished, exquisite, capital, champion.

What is a better word for good?

great, satisfying, exceptional, positive, acceptable, satisfactory, valuable, superb, marvelous, bad, wonderful, favorable, excellent, respectable, honest, useful, talented, efficient, reliable, able.

What is a studious person called?

sto͝odē-əs, styo͝o- The definition of studious is someone who spends a lot of time on academic pursuits or reading books, or something done carefully and deliberately. A person who studies all the time is an example of someone who is studious.

What are female college students called?

As an adjective, the word coed, short for coeducational, indicates an institution that teaches both males and females. However, as a noun, it can only mean “a young woman who attends college”.

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What do you call a subject in college?

A course usually covers an individual subject. Courses generally have a fixed program of sessions every week during the term, called lessons or classes. Students may receive a grade and academic credit after completion of the course.

What is a teenage girl called?

teen. A teenager, a person between 13 and 19 years old. 19. 3. adolescent.