What do students spend their time doing?

Students don’t always take studying seriously and actually spend most of their time on leisure activities. Surveys suggest that an average full-time college student spends 3.5 hours studying, attending classes and other educational activities out of 24 hours.

How do students spend their time?

According to ATUS results, full-time college students ages 18 to 24 spend the majority of their hours sleeping (9 hours per day), followed by 3.9 hours for education and 3.9 hours for leisure activities/sports. The “education” category encompasses class time, as well as outside time devoted to research and homework.

What do college students spend their time on?

How College Students Spend their Time

Activity Hours per week
Attending Classes 11-15 hours
Studying/homework 6-10 hours
Socializing with Friends 6-10 hours
Exercising/Sports 3-5 hours

What do students do in their leisure time?

Leisure time gives students an opportunity to relax, and to stop worrying about school or other stressful aspects of their lives. Some students choose to spend this time reading, watching TV, listening to music, playing video games, or by doing a number of other activities.

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How many hours of free time do college students have?

College students on average will have 3 to 5 hours of free time every day. On average, students can expect to spend 25-30 hours per week on class work. Upperclassmen will tend to have less free time because of harder classes. However, underclassmen will tend to have more free time due to easier classes.

How do high school students spend their time?

Students split the remaining time among a range of activities: leisure and sports activities (4.0 hours); travel (1.1 hours); grooming (0.8 hour); eating (0.8 hour); working (0.5 hour); and other activities, such as volunteering, shopping, and doing household activities (1.2 hours).

How many hours a week should college students study?

In higher education, a well-established rule of thumb holds that students should devote two hours of study time for every hour of class time. Assuming a full-time load of fifteen credit hours, students adhering to this standard should spend thirty hours per week studying.

How much time do college students spend on the internet?

While the typical student may spend about as much time online doing homework or research as on other online activities, almost half (40%) of students reported spending between 3 and 4 hours a day working online; these results were largely similar across Carnegie class, ethnicity, and gender.

How much time does the average college student spend on school work?

On an average weekday, full-time university and college students spent 3.5 hours engaged in educational activities, 2.3 hours working, 8.8 hours sleeping, and spent 4.0 hours in leisure and sports activities.

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What can students do in their free time at home?

Choose any of the following activities and make the most out of your free time!

  • Read a good novel, or a self-development book. …
  • Write/Blog/Live Tweet. …
  • Learn a new language. …
  • Take a course. …
  • Sharpen your brain and memory. …
  • Cooking. …
  • Star-gazing and astronomy. …
  • Volunteer.

How do I spend my free time?

Examples of How Successful People Spend Their Free Time

  1. Meditation. The benefits of meditation are well-documented, and countless successful entrepreneurs swear by the process. …
  2. Physical exercise. …
  3. Reading and podcasts. …
  4. Vacations. …
  5. Classes. …
  6. Time with family and friends. …
  7. Creative pursuits. …
  8. Volunteering.

What are the most popular leisure activities?

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Watching TV was the leisure activity that occupied the most time, accounting for just over half of all leisure time, on average. Men spent 3 hours per day watching TV, while women spent 2.6 hours.