What do you think are your duties as a student?

What do you think would be your duties and responsibilities in the school setting?

Roles, responsibilities & student duties in school

  • Arrive on time to school and lessons.
  • Respect other students, teachers and people working at the school.
  • Respect & adhere to school rules and policies.
  • Helpful to others.
  • Dress appropriately and in the school uniform.

What rights do we have in school?

Here are 15 of your unalienable rights in the U.S. public school system.

  • The right to a free education. …
  • An immigrant child’s right to a free education. …
  • The right not to be discriminated against. …
  • Right to learn English and other language rights. …
  • Right to be safe in school. …
  • Right to freedom of speech and religion.

What are the five rights of a student?

Here are the constitutional rights of students in India including, right to education, right to quality, right to information, right to freedom of speech and expressions and much more.

What is your role in school?

“Students’ role in the educational system is to learn what they are being taught, and most importantly, find ways to apply that learning outside the school environment,” he says. … “Students are also supposed to apply what they have learned in school in their day-to-day lives.

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What are your responsibilities as a student at home?

What are my responsibilities as a student at home?

  • attending classes on time and regularly.
  • being prepared for classes with all necessary supplies.
  • taking good care of school property.
  • completing all homework assignments.
  • organizing their time well.
  • respecting themselves and others.
  • reading on a regular basis.

What makes a responsible student?

Responsible people honor their commitments – to others and to themselves. They succeed in school by doing their assignments well and on time. They do their share of the group project. They go to soccer practice even when it’s cold.

Can schools take your phone?

If it is against the school rules to use a phone in school, teachers will often be permitted to confiscate it. Your teacher should not look through your phone without you and your parent or guardian’s permission.

Is beating students legal?

Thus for being a student and having a committed a wrong of not doing home work or violating a dress code, should not invite any corporal punishment. Indian Penal Code Section 88 protects an act which is not intended to cause death, done by consent in good faith for person’s benefit.

Can a student be denied exams?

Karnataka SSLC or class 10 students can not be denied admit cards even if they have not paid the exam fees, said state Primary and Secondary Education Minister S Suresh Kumar on Wednesday. … Students or parents can approach the Board in case of such grievances.