What does CP stand for in college?

College preparatory (CP) courses contain a larger than typical course load and prepare students for college caliber work. They do not, however, provide college course credit like AP courses might.

What does CP mean in Bible?

CP definition is “Congregatio Passitnis“.

What is a CP in work?

30+ days ago. The Care Partner (CP) is a support care provider who functions under the direction of the clinical nurse (Registered Professional Nurse).

What does CP mean in Apple ID?

Apple devices are known for their versatility and powerful processors. Although costlier and less dense in specifications compared to its biggest competitor, Android devices, Apple has a distinct upper hand in a few places. Coming to what CP means in Apple ID, well, CP means Configuration Profile.

What does CP mean in crime?

Persons charged with child pornography (“CP”) face a myriad of legal issues and potentially drastic and life-altering consequences.

Is a CP class bad?

A CP class can be a more challenging course compared to those in your standard high school curriculum but, one that is still math, science, history, or English-based and does not offer college credit. … At a college prep school, the classes are more difficult and involve more coursework, projects, and assignments.

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