What is the average LSAT diagnostic score?

The LSAT is scored on a 120-180 scale. The average LSAT score is about a 151.

What is a good starting LSAT score?

The LSAC found that first-time test takers typically scored a 151, while second-time test takers scored a 151.7. Mean LSAT scores were highest for second-time test takers, while third-time test takers had the lowest score.

Is 152 a good LSAT diagnostic score?

The highest LSAT score is a 180. … The average LSAT score is about a 152. A “good” LSAT score depends on the law schools you are considering.

Is a 145 LSAT score good?

The LSAT has a scale of 180 down to 120. The average LSAT score is around 150. The LSAT has a margin of error, but 145 is considered a symbolic line by legal education experts and school administrators.

What is a good LSAT score for Harvard?

13 Law Schools With the Highest LSAT Scores

School (name) (state) Median LSAT score for full-time students entering in fall 2020 U.S. News law school rank
Yale University (CT) 173 1
Harvard University (MA) 173 3
Columbia University (NY) 172 4 (tie)
Stanford University (CA) 171 2

What is a good LSAT score 2020?

According to the LSAC, the average LSAT score during the 2019-2020 testing year was 151.88, while the average score for 2018-2019 was slightly lower: 150.99. Read: Law Schools Where Students Had the Highest LSAT Scores. ]

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Is a 155 LSAT bad?

A score of 155 on the LSAT is a classic ‘in-between’ score. While the score is not too low, it will also not put you in the cream of LSAT test takers. An LSAT score of 155 can at best be classified as an average score which will put you in the hunt for a decent law school. The LSAT is scored on a scale of 120-180.

Can I get into law school with a 152 LSAT?

Average LSAT Score

LSAT scores range from 120 to 180. … With the average LSAT score being 152, this means that you got about half of the questions correct and this is the score that you should strive for. However, getting a 152 does not necessarily mean that you’ll be accepted into a good law school.

Which LSAT diagnostic test should I take?

You should take your cold LSAT diagnostic under test-day conditions, including the 4th LSAT “experimental section” that you will have to take on your real exam. The new LSAT format only includes 3 scored sections. Therefore, to simulate a full 4-section LSAT preptest, simply take any preptest 89 or below.

Should I time my diagnostic LSAT?

When to Start Studying

If you give yourself enough time between taking your diagnostic and your intended LSAT test date, you should be able to increase your score into your target range. … 20 or more points away from your target score: at least 6 months of studying will be needed to make a large improvement.