What is the largest university in Germany?

Rank University Enrollment
1 University of Hagen 86,889
2 University of Munich 51,025
3 University of Cologne 48,962
4 Goethe University Frankfurt 46,961

What is the largest university in Europe?

The federal University of London is the largest contact teaching university in Europe. is the largest teaching university in Europe. Many levels of study are covered at the University of London including foundation degrees, diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and research degrees.

Which is the best university in Germany?

Here are the best global universities in Germany

  • University of Munich.
  • Heidelberg University.
  • Technical University of Munich.
  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.
  • Freie Universität Berlin.
  • University of Bonn.
  • University of Hamburg.
  • University of Göttingen.

Is Harvard in UK or US?

Harvard University

Coat of arms
Latin: Universitas Harvardiana
Location Cambridge , Massachusetts , United States 42°22′28″N 71°07′01″WCoordinates: 42°22′28″N 71°07′01″W
Campus Urban 209 acres (85 ha)
Language Mostly English

Is it worth it to study in Germany?

Some people feel it’s not worth studying in Germany because their universities are not highly ranked like those in the US and UK. … In Germany, if you go to a public university, you’ll receive a quality, rigorous, and affordable education, no matter what the national or international rankings may say.

Can I study in Germany without knowing German?

Yes, you can study in Germany and never learn german. To enroll at university you need to prove your level of English, certificates like TOEFL (min. score 71) and IELTS with a min. score of 6.5 are acceptable.

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Is Germany good for international students?

Germany is the fourth most popular destination among international students in the world. More than thirteen percent of students at German universities in 2018 came from all over the world – just like you. Germany is an attractive place to study and German university degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide.