What is the most prestigious college in Georgia?

Rank School Location
1 Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA
2 Emory University Atlanta, GA
3 University of Georgia Athens, GA
4 Georgia State University Atlanta, GA

What is the best college to go to in Georgia?

Here are the best colleges in Georgia

  • Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • University of Georgia.
  • Mercer University.
  • Georgia State University.
  • Spelman College.
  • Agnes Scott College.
  • Covenant College.
  • Wesleyan College.

What is the richest school in Georgia?

Most Expensive Colleges in Georgia by In State Total Cost

College In State Total Cost Value
#1 Emory University Atlanta, Private Not For Profit $70,000 97
#2 Agnes Scott College Decatur, Private Not For Profit $56,360 NA
#3 Savannah College of Art and Design Savannah, Private Not For Profit $55,307 NA

Do any colleges have a 100 acceptance rate?

Utah and New Mexico are the only states that have two 100% acceptance rate colleges on our list.

Colleges and Universities.

School Name Acceptance Rate
University of Maryland University College Adelphi, Maryland 100%
University of Pikeville Pikeville, Kentucky 100%
Wayne State College Wayne, Nebraska 100%
Weber State University Ogden, Utah 100%

Is it harder to get into Emory or Georgia Tech?

Therefore, the acceptance rate alone is not a good indicator that Emory University is a better school or will be more difficult for you specifically to get into. On the flipside, Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus is easier to get into based on acceptance rate alone.

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Which city in Georgia has the best schools?

2021 Best School Districts in Georgia

  • School District.
  • Rating 4.45 out of 5 42 reviews.

Are Georgia public schools good?

44 in quality, despite high funding. Georgia came in at No. 38 on the list and ranked 36th and 38th in quality and safety, respectively, falling three spots from last year’s overall No. 35 spot.

What is the cheapest university in Georgia?

Cheapest Colleges in Georgia by In State Tuition

College In State Tuition Value
#1 Gainesville State College Oakwood, Public Not For Profit $2,277 NA
#2 Macon State College Macon, Public Not For Profit $2,277 NA
#3 Middle Georgia College Cochran, Public Not For Profit $2,277 NA

Does Georgia offer free college?

The Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant – The GTEG is designed to encourage and support Georgia residents who are attending college at one of the state’s private universities. … Awards are determined solely by academic achievement, and recipients will receive a grant that covers their full tuition costs.

How much does the HOPE Scholarship pay in GA?

The Grant provides a one-time $500 HOPE award that can be used toward tuition, books or other educational costs at an eligible college or university in Georgia. Full-time enrollment is not required. Students must use their HOPE GED Grant award within 24 months of the date of their GED diploma.