What SAT score did Kesha get?

In an interview with Time, Kesha said that she scored a 1500 out of 1600 on the standardized test.

Did Kesha get a 1600 on her SAT?

We’ve gathered a complete list of celebrity SAT scores. These were often revealed in interviews or through investigative research.

SAT Scores of Famous People.

Celebrity SAT Score (out of 1600) College Attended
Ryan Fitzpatrick 1580 Harvard
James Woods 1579 MIT
Ben Stein 1573 Columbia
Kesha 1500 None

Who got a 1600 on SAT?

The Statesman reported that Arnav Chopra, a junior at Round Rock High School, got a perfect score of 1600 on his SAT. Chopra said he took the test on March 13 and it was his first time taking the exam.

Who has the highest SAT score ever?

Hari. Hari from Colorado got a perfect 1600 on the SAT—and a perfect 36 on the ACT. He took an in-person prep course, and going into the exam wasn’t even sure about his score.

Did Will Smith get a perfect SAT score?

He is undoubtedly a man of many skills, but perhaps his greatest — and most surprising — skill is his natural ability to absorb information. Will Smith scored a perfect score of 1600 on the SATs.

Is 1200 a good SAT score?

Is a 1200 a good SAT score? Yes, a score of 1200 is quite good. It places you in the top 76th percentile nationally out of the 1.7 million test takers of the SAT entrance exam.

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Is 2400 a good SAT score?

A perfect score on the SAT is 2400; and for the ACT, it is 36. The national average score for the SAT is 1540 (combining the math, reading, and writing sections of the test). For the ACT, the average score is between 20 and 21. … The more selective schools won’t admit a student with an average score.

Is 1000 a good SAT score?

Is A 1000 SAT Score (40th Percentile) Good? A score of 1000 places you at the 40th percentile of all exam takers. … Earning a 1059 is at the 50th percentile, which means a student earning an 1059 scores higher than 50% of all test takers — a good goal for all SAT takers.

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