What type of school is Georgia Military College?

Georgia Military College is a public institution. Its in-state tuition and fees are $6,525; out-of-state tuition and fees are $6,525.

Is Georgia Military College a state school?

Georgia Military College is a public institution in Milledgeville, Georgia. Its campus is located in a town with a total enrollment of 8,812. The school utilizes a quarter-based academic year. The student-faculty ratio is 20-to-1.

Is Georgia Military College a high school?

Georgia Military College (GMC) is divided into the junior college (97% of the Bulldogs), a military junior college program, high school, and middle school in Milledgeville, Georgia. It was originally known as Middle Georgia Military and Agricultural College, until 1900.

What SAT score is required for GMC?

A minimum combined Critical Reading and Math SAT score of 970 or a composite ACT score of 21. A minimum cumulative high school GPA of 3.00 or higher on a 4.0 scale in courses taken from the required 16 CPA (College Preparatory Curriculum) units. Written approval/recommendation of the high school principal or counselor.

Does Georgia Military College have dorms?

Georgia Military College provides housing for all male and female boarding cadets in Baugh Barracks. Rooms are arranged in a series of suites with two cadets per room with an interconnecting private bathroom. … The dormitory also has a computer lab, game room, and free laundry facilities.

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Is Georgia Military College good?

Georgia Military College Ranks High in new National and State Articles. Georgia Military College, with a primary focus on student success, continues to receive accolades.

How many years is Georgia Military College?

Georgia Military College offers a liberal-arts based, two-year curriculum designed to support student attainment of an associate degree and prepares students for transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

Do you have to be in the military to go to GMC?

Military service is not a requirement to attend Georgia Military College. In Fact: Georgia Military College enrolls over 14,000 students each year. … This means that more than 98% of our student body is comprised of traditional and non-traditional students seeking a quality, community college education close to home.

Is Georgia Military College d1?

GMC had 10 players sign national letters of intent Wednesday morning to play football for four-year colleges in Division I, Division I-AA and a Division II national championship team.