Who studied at takshila university?

Many Jataka of early Buddhist literature mention students attending the university. It is believed that over 20,000 students from China, Babylon, Syria and Greece in addition to Indian students studied there.

What was taught in takshila university?

Nearly 2,000 master-teachers taught an array of at least 68 topics at the ancient university. Courses covered the fields of science, mathematics, medicine, politics, warfare, astrology, astronomy, music, dance, religion, vedas, grammar, agriculture, surgery, commerce, futurology, and philosophy.

Who destroyed the takshila university?

Taxila was burned by the White Huns c600 AD and Nalanda by the Khaljis 1196. Babur, the first Mughal, arrived 1526.

Where is takshila now?

Taxila, located in the Rawalpindi district of Pakistan’s Punjab province, is a vast serial site that includes a Mesolithic cave and the archaeological remains of four early settlement sites, Buddhist monasteries, and a Muslim mosque and madrassa.

Who built Nalanda University?


Width 490 m (1,600 ft)
Area 12 ha (30 acres)
Builder King Kumaragupta I
Founded 5th century

Which is older Taxila or Nalanda?

Taxila university was one of the oldest universities of the world with which were associated a number of renowned learned personalities of different disciplines. … However, while Nalanda was a formal university in the modern sense of the word, Taxila functioned under more informal conditions.

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Who is the first university in India?

University of Calcutta

Seal of the University of Calcutta
Other name Calcutta University
Type Public research university
Established 24 January 1857
Academic affiliations UGC, NAAC, AIU, ACU

Is Nalanda is the first university in the world?

Patna, India

Nalanda is famous for being the first university in the world i.e. Nalanda University. It is being said that there were around ten thousand students from all over the world studying at the same time.

Who is the oldest university of India?

The University of Madras, established 1857, is one of the three oldest modern state universities in India, the others being the University of Calcutta and the University of Mumbai.

Universities by state and type.

State Tamil Nadu (list)
State universities 22
Deemed universities 28
Private universities 3
Total 55