Why is make a copy for each student not an option?

When you FIRST post an assignment and attach file from G Drive, it gives you the option to make a copy for each student. If you create an assignment, post it, AND THEN try to edit it, you will not have the option to make a copy for each student.

Do you have to make a copy for each student in Google Classroom?

Determine the type of assignment before you create it in Google Classroom. Files that are part of an assignment can be set to either students can view file or make a copy for each student. … The teacher can see everyone’s work, whereas the student can only access their own personal copy.

Can you make a copy of an assignment for each student in canvas?

When students open the assignment, Google Drive will create a copy of the file in the student’s Google Drive folder for the course for each student’s submission. … Instructors can view a copy of each student’s document in SpeedGrader for grading.

What happened to make a copy for each student in Google Classroom?

The Make a copy for each student setting automatically creates an individual copy of the attached file for every student. The copies are immediately titled with each student’s name and attached as student work to the assignment. Students can then edit and submit their work as usual.

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Can students attach files in Google Classroom?

As a teacher, you can attach documents, links, and images to assignments for your students. Classroom works seamlessly with Google Docs, Google Drive, and Gmail.

Can students edit slides in Google Classroom?

Assign Slides through Google Classroom

Open Google Classroom. … Select the Google Slides file you want to assign. Click Insert. Choose how you want to share the file (view, edit, or make a copy).

How can I view Google classroom as a student?

After you click on an assignment it will open up and you can access each student’s work. View and Grade an Assignment: Click the student’s name. Click on their file to open it. The file will open in a new tab; be sure to close it when you are done.

What are the disadvantages of Google classroom?

Disadvantages of Google Classroom

  1. Each user needs their own Google account. The nature of Google Classroom is that students need their own Google account in order to participate. …
  2. Parents can opt children out of account creation. …
  3. Not a video solution. …
  4. Doesn’t communicate well with outsiders.

Does canvas support Google classroom?

Google Classroom has an incredibly simple design that is easy for students and teachers to navigate and understand. … Canvas does offer this option now as well but like most things, where Google Classroom this takes just one click of a button, Canvas requires five steps to get there.