Will Rowan University open in the fall?

“I am confident Rowan University will be fully open this fall and ready to welcome students to our vibrant, fast-growing campuses,” Rowan University President Ali A. We’ll also return to in-person student activities and events. …

Will Rowan University open in the fall 2020?

We are planning options for the fall semester and beyond

We are optimistically planning for the fall semester with face-to-face learning and a residential campus experience on our main campus while ensuring the health and safety of all of our students, faculty and staff.

Is Rowan University Online for Fall 2020?

Classes for Fall 2020 will include a mix of in-person, online and hybrid sessions as well as a new “HyFlex” (hybrid flexible) format that will include expanded online resources and the ability for virtually all face-to-face classes to be taken synchronously from a remote location.

Is Rowan going virtual?

This fall, Rowan’s many offices to support Student Success will resume in-person services. We will also have virtual options available as needed for students who may be completing their degrees fully online or at other campuses, or for whom virtual services are more accessible due to their busy lives.

Does Rowan have in person classes?

For fall, the only classes meeting in person are those with physical presence required. However, faculty can make accommodations on a case-by-case basis if attendance for presence-required becomes a concern.

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Does Rowan have class on Labor Day?

Offices will be closed on the above holidays when classes are not in session.

2021 Holiday Calendar.

New Year’s Day Labor Day
1/1/2021 9/06/2021
Friday Monday
No Classes No Classes