You asked: How much money should I give my daughter for college graduation?

Bright Hub states that many people give between $100 and $500 as a college graduation gift. Typically, for a 2- to 4-year degree, anywhere from $50-100 is appropriate for a parent, advanced degrees go up by about $100 for each degree.

How much money do you give for college graduation 2020?

Hallmark study found the average monetary gift amounts: $25 is average for a close friend (or child of a close friend). 67% believe that $50 or more is appropriate for a close relative. $20 is the average for a not so close friend.

How much should I give for a graduation gift 2020?

According to, good etiquette when it comes to grad gifts is $20 to 50 for high school grads you are not close with. They say $50 to $100 is a good amount for closer friends and family members. The article also says that for college graduation, people spend between $100 and $500 on graduation gifts.

Should you give cash or check for graduation gift?

There is no obligation to send the graduate cash or a gift unless you want to (a congratulations card or small gift from Amazon will suffice). If you do decide to give something in this situation, cash or similar in the $20 – $30 range is appropriate.

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What are good quotes for graduation?

Short Graduation Quotes

  • “Be bold, be courageous, be your best.” …
  • “There is no script. …
  • “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” …
  • “Follow your fear.” …
  • “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” …
  • “Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” …
  • “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”

Is it OK to write a check for a graduation gift?

When trying to determine how much to give as a graduation gift, always stay within your budget. While writing a check for $20 may feel appropriate for some, while others may feel the need to send a larger amount because they are high earners or have a close relationship with the graduate.

What is the average cash gift for high school graduation?

The average high school graduation gift amount is anything in the range of $10 to $100. It can however go as high as $300 with big spenders.

What is an appropriate college graduation gift from grandparents?

Many grandparents, uncles, and aunts consider giving them between $20 and $50. For some distant relatives and family friends, they give $15 or above. In this short read, you will find the appropriate amount of money that should be given to a special someone who just graduated.

What do dads get their daughters for graduation?

Top 5 Graduation Gifts for Daughters from Mom and Dad

  • Always My Daughter Diamond Bracelet.
  • Head of the Class Personalized Bracelet.
  • Congratulations Graduate Personalized Music Box.
  • She Believed She Could So She Did Personalized Music Box.
  • Daughter, I Love You Personalized Framed Poem.
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How do you celebrate graduation?

Six inexpensive alternatives to a big graduation party

  1. Throw them a grad party (lower case) I know, I know. …
  2. Take them on a trip. …
  3. Tickets to a concert, play, spa day, etc. …
  4. Give time &/or money to a cause that’s important to them. …
  5. Get them a special gift. …
  6. Give them the party money and let them decide what to do it.

Is it tacky to give cash for graduation?

It’s always nice to send a gift, but you don’t have to,” Symington said. Cash is always appreciated or a gift card. You can also give a gift if you know what they are going to be doing after graduation. … “If you’re going to go to a party, you really should give a gift.

What do you do with graduation money?

Here are five smart ways to spend your graduation money that could put you at the head of the class financially:

  • Kick-start your emergency fund. …
  • Pay down some of your student loan debt. …
  • Get a jump on saving for retirement. …
  • Start your home down payment fund. …
  • Make a move.
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