You asked: Is Harrisburg Area Community College accredited?

Harrisburg Area Community College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The most recent Middle State Commission action, on June 21, 2018, was to reaffirm accreditation and to commend the institution for the quality of self-study process and report.

Is HACC an accredited college?

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education is an institutional accrediting agency. It is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. It accredited HACC initially in April of 1967. They reaffirmed this accreditation most recently on June 21, 2018.

Is Harrisburg Area Community College a state school?

Harrisburg Area Community College is a public institution in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Its campus is located in a city with a total enrollment of 18,081. The school utilizes a semester-based academic year.

Is HACC a two year college?

We offer more than 100 programs including two-year associate degrees and certificate programs with day, evening and weekend classes to meet the needs of students.

How many credits do you need to graduate from HACC?

Have a cumulative and program grade point average of at least a 2.0. Fifteen of the 30-credits required to graduate must be completed at HACC.

Is HACC a nonprofit?

The HACC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was established in 1985 to raise funds for HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College.

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Is HACC campus open?

During the coronavirus pandemic, HACC’s campuses have remained closed. Classes are being taught through remote instruction and virtual learning, with the exception of hands-on portions of approved classes.

Does HACC have dorms?

Currently, there is no student housing at HACC. … Each student will pay $600 per month in rent, which includes utilities and cable television.

What is HACC program?

Context. 1.1 The Home and Community Care (HACC) program. The HACC program provides funding for services that support older and frail people with moderate, severe or profound disabilities and younger people with moderate, severe or profound disabilities and their unpaid carers.

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