Your question: Can you get packages delivered to college?

Yes, we can ship directly to your school! … Customers who are having their packages shipped to a college dorm or apartment may have to pickup their packages at a central location for delivery (campus mail room, apartment office, etc).

Does UPS deliver to college dorms?

Shipping items to a dorm and getting school supplies have never been easier. With a The UPS Store shipping service franchise right on campus, students can ship their belongings directly to the store. … Parents can deliver a taste of home to their college students with custom care packages shipped by The UPS Store.

How do college students receive packages?

Students can pick up mail without wasting time standing in long lines: Packages are tracked throughout the mailcenter using a barcode system. Addressees receive email notification that a letter or package has arrived.

Can I order delivery to my dorm?

Yes, many students choose to have their orders delivered directly to their dorm. … You may include any other details, such as the dorm hall name, in the Delivery Notes. Although some students have had their groceries delivered to the front desk, we do not recommend it.

Can Amazon deliver to college?

Did you know most items on can be delivered to a Locker or Amazon pickup location? And our Off to College Shop makes it easy to find all the items needed for campus life. Simply add new items to your shopping list now and check it all out the week before school for delivery to a Locker.

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Does ups have a student discount?

Despite not offering a student discount, there are many ways to save at UPS My Choice.

What schools does ups pay for?

Participants receive tuition benefits and a monthly stipend in addition to their weekly paycheck. CRCP partner colleges are Chicago State University, Governors State University, Moraine Valley Community College, Morton College, Olive-Harvey College, Prairie State College and Richard J. Daley College.

Does Walmart deliver to college dorms?

The Walmart on Campus now offers pickup lockers, self-checkout and delivery to residence halls on campus.

Can Walmart deliver to dorms?

The changes will speed up the checkout process, the company said, and students can have their Walmart Grocery order delivered to their residence hall or campus housing.