Your question: How long does it take to hear back from University of Wisconsin Madison?

Campus Begin Reviewing Applications Approx. Review Process Length
UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus August 2nd 2 weeks
UW-La Crosse August 15th 3-4 weeks
UW-Madison September 1st Early Action (due 11/1) will hear on or before 1/31 Regular Decision (due 2/1) will hear on or before 3/31
UW-Milwaukee August 15th 2 weeks

How do I know if I got accepted to UW-Madison?


  • Check to make sure we’ve received all your application materials.
  • View your admission decision.
  • Check the details we have on file about you, including residency status and term of entry.
  • Update your mailing address, phone number, and email address.

Can I get into UW-Madison with a 3.3 GPA?

The average high school GPA for admitted students at University of Wisconsin-Madison is 3.86 on a 4.0 scale. This is a very competitive GPA, and University of Wisconsin-Madison is clearly accepting students at the top of their high school class.

How hard is it to get into Wisconsin Madison?

University of Wisconsin–Madison Acceptance Rate: How Difficult Is It to Get In? … Of the more than 35,000 applications UW–Madison received last year, the school accepted around 19,000 for an acceptance rate of 54%. While these numbers may seem daunting, you don’t have to apply to UW–Madison blindly.

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Does University of Wisconsin Madison have rolling admissions?

Application Dates

Students may begin submitting applications on August 1st. Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis, and applications will be processed as long as space is available. Applicants are encouraged to apply early.

Does UW Madison require ACT 2022?

What terms will UW–Madison be test optional for? Students who are applying for admission in spring 2021, fall 2021, spring 2022, fall 2022, or spring 2023 will not be required to submit an ACT or SAT score as part of their application for admission.

How hard are classes at UW Madison?

MU does not offer many “blow off” classes, most take quite a bit of effort. This is not an easy school by any means, however if you are determined to get a good grade, it is not that hard. Just put time into it. Most classes are between 20-40 students.

Can I get into Madison with a 3.7 GPA?

Is a 3.7 good? Yes, a 3.7 is significantly above the the average U.S. high school GPA of 3.0 and demonstrates that you’ve received A’s and a few B’s in most of your classes. … While a 3.7 is a bit low for very highly selective colleges, it gives you a strong chance at many of the more selective schools in the U.S.

How much does it cost to go to UW Madison for 4 years?

2020-2021 ESTIMATED Academic Year Cost of Attendance

Wisconsin Resident Commuter
Tuition & Fees $10,746.00 $10,746.00
Required Course Material & Educational Supplies $1,150.00 $1,150.00
Housing & Meals $12,200.00 $2,230.00
Personal $2,266.00 $2,266.00
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Can I get into Madison with a 25 ACT?

Average ACT: 30

The 25th percentile ACT score is 27, and the 75th percentile ACT score is 32. … There’s no absolute ACT requirement at University of Wisconsin – Madison, but they really want to see at least a 27 to have a chance at being considered.

Can I get into Madison with a 26 ACT?

Yes, a score of 26 is very competitive. It places you in the top 82nd percentile nationally out of the 2 million test takers of the ACT entrance exam.

Why should I apply to University of Wisconsin Madison?

The size of UW–Madison also means that it’s incredibly diverse. You’ll meet students from every part of Wisconsin, the U.S. and the world. … They have a passion for their subject that is unmatched and often find innovative ways to help students learn about some of the most interesting and newest ideas in their field.