Your question: Where is the Make a copy for each student in Google Classroom?

TIP: Create a Google Classroom assignment from the Classwork tab in Google Classroom. It provides the Make a copy for each student option.

What happened to make a copy for each student in Google Classroom?

The Make a copy for each student setting automatically creates an individual copy of the attached file for every student. The copies are immediately titled with each student’s name and attached as student work to the assignment. Students can then edit and submit their work as usual.

How do students make copies in Google Classroom?

Copy a class

  1. Go to and click Sign In. Sign in with your Google Account. For example, or …
  2. On the class you want to copy, click More. Copy. …
  3. (Optional) To edit the title and other information, make any changes.
  4. Click Copy.

How do you make a Google Doc editable for each student?

Click Select Google Doc. From the Google Docs pick list, select the document you want to associate with the assignment. Click Save, and then select Make Student Editable.

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Should I make a copy for each student in Google Classroom?

It is best suited to instruction sheets or example files. Make a Copy for Each Student: The Make a copy for each student setting produces a unique file for each student in the class. The teacher can see everyone’s work, whereas the student can only access their own personal copy.

How do I make a student 2021 on Google classroom?

Create a class

  1. Go to and click Sign In. …
  2. At the top of the Classes page, click Add. …
  3. Enter the class name.
  4. (Optional) To enter a short description, grade level, or class time, click Section and enter the details.

Can I copy assignments in Google Classroom?

How can I copy an assignment from one class to another? To Reuse an existing post from another class, go to the Classwork tab, click the “+” at the top left side of the page, and select “Reuse Post.” It will then let you choose which class to choose it from and if you want new copies of the attachments or not.

Can students edit materials in Google Classroom?

Students can view file: Use this option if the file is simply something you want your students to view but not make any changes to. Students can edit file: This option can be helpful if you’re providing a document you want your students to collaborate on or fill out collectively.

How do I share my Google classroom as a student?

You can share the link with students so they can join your class.

  1. Go to and click Sign In. Sign in with your Google Account. …
  2. On the class card, click More. Copy invite link.
  3. Paste the link into an email for your students. When students get your email, they click the link to join your class.
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What are the disadvantages of Google Classroom?

Disadvantages of Google Classroom

  1. Each user needs their own Google account. The nature of Google Classroom is that students need their own Google account in order to participate. …
  2. Parents can opt children out of account creation. …
  3. Not a video solution. …
  4. Doesn’t communicate well with outsiders.

Why can’t I make a copy for everyone in Google Classroom?

Go to “Classwork” and use the “Reuse post” option to make a copy of your assignment, but this time select make a copy for each student the FIRST time you post it. This was my fix, YMMV. It is apparently a “feature” of Google Classroom. You can’t change it on the fly from view only to make a copy for everyone.

Can teachers see what time you attach something in on Google classroom?

Yes. You can. In the assignment student list, when you click on a specific student, above their document and under their name is a link to the history.

How do I reuse a Google Classroom post?

Click the class and choose an option:

  1. Reuse an announcement—On the Stream page, in the Share something with your class box, click Reuse post .
  2. Reuse an assignment, question, or materials—Click Classwork Create Reuse post .