Best answer: How good is an open university degree?

Is the Open University a Recognised degree?

An Open University degree has the same status as one from any top UK university, and degrees awarded are comparable with those awarded by other UK universities.

Is degree from Open University worth it?

yes, open degree university have the same value as a regular degree university. open universities has been set up to provide education to those who are not able to attend regular classes. this much is the difference only. yes, open degree university have the same value as a regular degree university.

Are Open University degrees taken seriously?

The short answer to the question is yes. At the end of the day, a degree is a degree no matter what university it comes from and all employers recognise the work that goes into such a qualification. OU degrees have a similar reputation to BTECs in that people think they are somehow easier.

Is it good to study in Open University?

OU study can be an investment in a better future and more affordable way to study. Nearly half of Northern Ireland students receive financial support towards their fees. The fee for a typical 30-credit module is £479, and for a typical 60-credit module it’s £958.

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Does Open University accept everyone?

It doesn’t matter what you have or haven’t studied before or when you last picked up a text book, there’s a starting point for everyone with the OU.

Is Open University cheaper than normal university?

The fees charged by the Open University are significantly cheaper than the tuition fees charged by most of the UK’s ‘on campus’ universities. … Reflecting the position of the Scottish Government in relation to tuition fees, most Open University students in Scotland study for free, with the Part-Time Fee Grant.

Is a 2.2 a good degree?

First-Class Honours (70% and above): a first class degree, usually referred to as a ‘first’ or 1st, is the highest honours degree you can achieve. … Lower Second-Class Honours (50-60%): a 2.2 or two-two is the lower level of the second class degree.

What are the disadvantages of Open University?

Disadvantages of the Open University

1) You don’t have as much physical contact to build relationships with peers. This is slightly contrary to the previous advantage but of course less tutorials or classes means less physical meetups with students and sessions where the tutor fleshes things out in person.

Is open degree equal to regular degree?

Open Degrees Are Equivalent To Regular Degrees: UGC.

Can I get a job with a open university degree?

An Open University qualification is attractive to employers. Employers know that many of our students study while working. … From a careers advice perspective, employers have always said to me that they will always interview an OU graduate because anyone who can achieve an OU qualification is a certain kind of person.

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What is the difference between Open University and regular university?

In an open degree education system, there is no provision of the affiliated colleges and they comprise only study centers & institutes. In regular degree education, the university is a proper traditional university. … Therefore, we can find that various colleges are affiliated to the traditional university.

Where does the Open University rank?

Open University Rankings

Open University is ranked #706 in Best Global Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. Read more about how we rank schools.