Frequent question: How much is a semester at SMC?

Tuition $15,750*
Room and Board $9,900
Technology Fee $900
Capital Fee $500
Student Access Fee $450

How much does a unit cost at SMC?

With classes at only $46 a unit, Santa Monica College offers a world-class education at much more affordable prices than UC, CSU, and private colleges.

How long is a semester at SMC?

SMC is on the semester system, and has two 16-week terms, the fall and spring semester. We also have a winter session with classes 6 weeks in length, and a summer session with classes 6 or 8 weeks in length.

How many units do you need to graduate SMC?

Certificates of Achievement require a minimum of 12 major-applicable units. Units in Residence at SMC: At least 12 units of coursework must be taken at Santa Monica College.

How do I postpone fees for SMC?

The student must request this opt-out directly at the Cashier’s Office (formerly the Bursar’s Office) at Requests to retroactively opt-out after the Refund Deadline has passed will not be granted. The fee will be owed and remain outstanding if student does not opt-out by the Refund Deadline.

Does SMC have dorms?

Housing in the Santa Monica area

Welcome to Santa Monica! … Although SMC does not have a student dormitory, the IEC, on the 3rd Floor of SMC’s Student Services Building, is happy to assist you with the many housing options available in the area.

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How do I change my major at SMC?

1) Visit www.SMC.EDU and click on the “Login” button and select “Corsair Connect”. 2) Select the “Enrollment Services” or “Enrollment” tabs. 3) Click on the “Profile/Preferences” link 4) In your Profile page, you can update your contact information, major, and educational goal.

How much does Santa Monica College Cost for international students?


Academic Tuition & Fees
Enrollment Fee $46 per unit Non-Resident Tuition $307 per unit Non-Resident Surcharge $24 per unit Total Non-Resident Tuition $377 per unit $377/unit
SMC Health Fee $21 per semester; $18 per session
Associated Student Fee $10 per semester/session
ID Card $22.50 per semester/session