How do Clemson students get football tickets?

Are Clemson games free for students?

Yes! Free tickets are available in every student section so regardless of how you receive your ticket, you have the opportunity to sit with your friends. Tickets are fully transferrable, enabling students to freely exchange tickets with other students to keep friends together.

Are Clemson football tickets available?

Clemson football tickets are available for home games at Memorial Stadium and road games, as well as, any neutral site games including the ACC Championship or a bowl game. For each Clemson game, there are a wide selection of tickets available to purchase.

How much do Clemson football season tickets cost?

What is the price for Season Tickets? Clemson football season tickets are $380 a ticket for the 2021 season. A season ticket includes one ticket for all six home games.

How do you get Clemson basketball tickets?

The tickets may be purchased by calling the Clemson Ticket office at 1-800-CLEMSON or (864) 656-2118.

How much are UNC football tickets?

North Carolina Tar Heels Football Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2019 Bank of America Stadium $101
2019 Kenan Memorial Stadium $68
2018 Kenan Memorial Stadium $37
2017 Kenan Memorial Stadium $36

How much does it cost to join IPTAY?

IPTAY membership

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Purple is the lowest level that makes fans eligible for football tickets. Orange is the next level and it costs $400 annually. There are nine levels beyond Orange, with Riggs being the highest. A Riggs member gives $25,000 or more to the university.

How do I join Clemson IPTAY?

There are four ways to join:

  1. Online at the link found HERE (See steps in next question)
  2. Phone at 864-656-2115.
  3. Mailing in an IPTAY Collegiate Club found HERE. …
  4. Coming by the IPTAY Office during office hours (NOTE: Our staff is currently working from remote locations at this time and the IPTAY Center is currently closed)

Where do the Clemson Tigers play?