How do students seesaw at home?

The best way for students to access Seesaw from home is with an email address or through Clever/ClassLink SSO. If your students do not have an email: If your students do not sign in with an email address, then we recommend they sign in with a Home Learning Code.

How do children seesaw at home?

If your students are using Seesaw at home and don’t have an email address or Google Account, send home the Home Learning Code.

To sign in with a Home Learning Code:

  1. Open the Seesaw class app.
  2. Tap ‘I’m a Student. ‘
  3. Tap the blue ‘Scan Code’ button and scan the Home Learning Code or type in your Home Learning Text Code.

Can students see each other’s work in Seesaw?

If you want students to be able to see journals, you have two options: Turn ‘Students can see each other’s work’ ON. Students can see their own journal (and other journals in your class). Tap wrench icon > scroll down and turn ON ‘Students can see each other’s work’.

What grades can use Seesaw?

Although Seesaw can be used across all grade levels, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students are at the perfect age to utilize this platform and all of it has to offer!

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Can I use Seesaw for homeschool?

Seesaw is a wonderful way to keep your extended family involved in the homeschool process. Seesaw allows students to showcase their work, too. The app is simple to use. You can upload a day’s work in seconds.

Can students use seesaw on a laptop?

For the best experience, bookmark and use on your desktop or laptop computer (including Chromebooks). Then, if you or your student(s) use mobile devices, download the correct app based on your role and device type, so you can access Seesaw anywhere!

Can parents upload to Seesaw?

Family members can add voice comments to student work, text comments to student work, or attachments to messages, but cannot add posts to the journal.

Is there a student view on Seesaw?

If you have an existing class, and would like to enable Sample Student: Login to Seesaw as a teacher. Tap the wrench icon (top right). In the ‘Students’ section, toggle on ‘Enable Sample Student.