How many Boston College students are from Massachusetts?

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What states are Boston College students from?

The majority of the Boston College students who live in the U.S. are from Massachusetts.

U.S. States.

State Number of Students Percent
Massachusetts 528 25.18%
New York 310 14.78%
New Jersey 229 10.92%
California 158 7.53%

What percentage of Boston College students are Catholic?


Type of school: Private, Jesuit (Roman Catholic)
Size of undergraduate student body: 9,171
Percent out-of-state: 76%
Percent international: 2.88%
Female to Male ratio: 50:50

How many College students are in Massachusetts 2020?

At Massachusetts colleges, there are 497,768 students including 354,343 undergraduate and 143,425 graduate schools students in total for academic year 2020-2021. By attending status, there are 351,409 full-time and 146,359 part-time students with gender distribution of 213,339 male and 284,429 female students.

Is BC or BU harder to get into?

Is Boston University or Boston College Harder to get into? Which school is easier to get into? If you’re looking at acceptance rate alone, then Boston College is more difficult to get into. … On the flipside, Boston University is easier to get into based on acceptance rate alone.

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Is Boston College a top tier school?

Boston College is ranked 22nd on Forbes’ ninth annual America’s Top Colleges survey, joining seven of eight Ivy League universities among the top 25. View the full ranking of 660 schools here. … This is Boston College’s first ranking among Forbes’ top 25; the University’s previous high was 26th.

Can I get into Boston College with a 3.7 GPA?

Instead, Boston College Admissions looks for students who took the most challenging high school coursework that they could, and did well in those challenging courses, based on letter and percentage grades. … And to be competitive, you should be in at least the 3.5-3.7 GPA range for your previous university coursework.

Does Nsfas pay for Boston College?

NSFAS funding is not available for courses at Boston City Campus but there are some other options. Fundi education loan company specialises in loans for studying. Have a look on the Fundi website. You can speak to one of the major banks because they offer student loans that will cover the cost of your course fees.

Is Boston College an elite school?

Boston College is a prestigious Jesuit university founded in 1863. Widely respected for its academics, it enrolls more than 14,000 undergraduate and graduate students from all 50 states and 65 countries. BC has an impressive graduation rate of 92%. …

Does Boston College give preference to Catholics?

Boston College is similar to the University of Notre Dame; it was founded on Catholic principles, but does not consider Catholicism as a requirement for admission. In fact, Boston College is quite the opposite, as it encourages its students from all faiths to be independent thinkers and empathetic members of society.

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Is Boston College a party school?

Since Boston College doesn’t have Greek life, much of the party scene at BC is centered around clubs. … The good thing abt going to college in Boston is that there are so many other schools around you, so even if you can;t find something to do here, you can always go to another school and go out to parties there.

How many college students live in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, full-time student enrollment in college increased from about 170,200 to about 172,600 between 2012 and 2014, opposite the nationwide trend that saw decreasing enrollment during that time.

How many students study in Massachusetts?

Total 509,010 students including in both undergraduate and graduate programs have attended Massachusetts colleges and universities and the average students to faculty ratio is 12.05 to 1.