Why do I want to be a college tour guide?

Being a tour guide gives you the opportunity to learn so much about the college you go to. You’re required to know a lot of statistics and what the residence halls have to offer, but the knowledge you gain from other tour guides is what really helps others make the decision to come to your school.

What makes a good college tour guide?

An effective campus tour guide has many qualities: professionalism, communication, storytelling, positivity and enthusiasm, creative thinking, adaptability, and more. Beyond these, however, there are many small changes any guide can make to elevate the overall quality of their tour.

Why are college tours so important?

College tours allow students to ask questions, meet other prospective students and understand the college on a deeper level. How you feel about schools once you visit in person may affect the direction your college search and application process takes. College visits help you to refine your search.

Are college tour guides paid?

At almost every other Ivy League school, however, student tour guides are paid by the university. Most recently, Brown University announced it would begin paying its student tour guides $11 per hour starting January 2019. … Other Ivies pay their guides anywhere between the state minimum wage to well above it.

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Are college tours fun?

Yet, even though the campus visit is a very important part of the college application process, it doesn’t mean the visits themselves need to feel like your whole future is riding on a single tour! … Those expectations can make college visits stressful and not nearly as fun as they should be.

What do school tour guides do?

Guides are often former teachers with expert knowledge on the latest curriculum content. They are experienced in relating information to students in interesting and meaningful ways, meeting your specific learning needs.

Do colleges care if you visit them?

Colleges primarily track visitors just so they can send out mailings, not for admissions decisions, and that colleges who do weigh campus visits or ‘interest’ in their decisions usually only take this into account for borderline cases–it doesn’t make or break an admission for a clearly qualified candidate.”

What should you not say in a college essay?

What should you not write in a college essay?

  • Never rehash your academic and extracurricular accomplishments.
  • Never write about a “topic”
  • Never start with a preamble.
  • Never end with a “happily ever after” conclusion.
  • Never pontificate.
  • Never retreat into your thoughts.
  • Never hold back.
  • Never give TMI.

What are two benefits of an individual college visit?

Benefits of Campus Visits

  • The Real Feel. Campus visits offer a first-hand view of your potential college or university. …
  • Ask Away. Ask questions during your campus visit. …
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Interact. To make the most of your college visit, interact with others on campus. …
  • #CollegeTalk. …
  • Connect with Experts. …
  • Post Visit Actions.
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Is a tour guide a good job?

The path on how to become a Tour Guide and its workloads may be a bit challenging, but being a Tour Guide is a really great job. You get to go to places either you’ve always loved going to on vacation or have never been before.

What education do you need to be a tour guide?

There are no formal education requirements for tour guides, though most have at least a high school diploma. Training and certification programs are available from a variety of travel guide associations, such as the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations.