Why is it important to help your students make connections between new social studies concepts and their prior knowledge?

New learning is constructed on prior knowledge. The more we understand about what students already think, and the more we help them engage their prior understandings, the more likely they are to learn well – and the less likely they are to misinterpret the material in our courses.

How would you encourage students to share their prior knowledge with each other in meaningful ways?

Strategies include pointing to upcoming lessons, providing lesson or lecture roadmaps, inviting reflective writing, and active learning activities like concept maps or case studies. Hampshire College provides a helpful list of other activities for engaging student prior knowledge.

Why is making connections for students important for making learning relevant?

Developing relationships with students provides teachers the opportunity to motivate students to use their capabilities and direct them in a path that can give them a successful outcome in school and in life. By making your lessons more relevant to students’ lives and experiences, you can engage and help them.

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Why is it important to understand the relationships of various concepts in teaching social studies?

In short, social studies classes help students understand their roots, see their connections to the past, comprehend their context, recognize the commonality of people across time, appreciate the delicate balance of rights and responsibilities in an open society, and develop the habits of thoughtful analysis and …

Why it is important to activate a student’s prior knowledge?

Students learn better when they first access what they already know—and this plays a big role in improving English language learners’ academic literacy. Activating prior knowledge means both eliciting from students what they already know and building initial knowledge that they need in order to access upcoming content.

How does prior knowledge affect learning?

More prior knowledge gives students more working memory to acquire more new knowledge to enhance their learning engagement (Sweller et al., 1998). Cognitive load is also affected by instructional design, which can reduce extraneous cognitive load or increase germane cognitive load (Kirschner et al., 2011).

What is prior knowledge and why is it important?

Prior knowledge has long been considered the most important factor influencing learning and student achievement. The amount and quality of prior knowledge positively influence both knowledge acquisition and the capacity to apply higher-order cognitive problem-solving skills.

What social studies concepts are important for students to learn?

Social studies courses emphasize that young children learn a variety of specific concepts, phenomena, and generalizations including content on the environment, nature, the world, the country, citizenship, economy, and the earth (Deveci & Bayır, 2011).

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What is the relationship between social studies and family life?

Population education is defined as the study of people within the context of their family, village, city, and nation. … Although population education focuses on the social level and family life education operates on the level of the family, both share a concern with human resource development.

Why is it important to integrate key concepts in teaching social science?

Integrated knowledge helps learners to make effective decisions about problems of living. It recognizes knowledge from the Social Sciences and humanities into new holistic perspectives and framework, which focuses on the development of effective and productive citizenship.