Can you switch majors at Boston College?

Can I have a major or minor in another undergraduate division? … Then, if you chose to enroll at Boston College, you may declare your second major in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences during your freshman year. Any student at Boston College may take up to eight courses in another undergraduate division.

Is it easy to change majors at Boston College?

Changing majors in BU is considered easy compared to other schools such as UW, NYU etc. It is even easier if you’re changing majors within the same school.

Does Boston College admit by major?

Students are only considered for admission to the division to which they applied. Students do not have to declare a specific major when applying (with the exception of Engineering* & Nursing.) Learn more about choosing an academic division.

Can you double major across schools at Boston College?

Students may double major at BC, and Boston College also offers an array of departmental and interdisciplinary minors.

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Is it hard to double major at Boston College?

A double major is no more rigorous than a single major, says Dunsford, but students who undertake it are unlikely to have much room for electives or to do a senior thesis or independent research.

What major is Boston College known for?

Academic Life at Boston College

The most popular majors at Boston College include: Economics, General; Finance, General; Biology/Biological Sciences, General; Speech Communication and Rhetoric; and Political Science and Government, General.

Is Boston College better than Boston University?

While the two schools have similar acceptance rates, median numbers, and tuition rates, Boston University has significantly more undergraduate major options and a lower acceptance rate. … BU has over 3 times as many undergrads as BC.

Can I get into Boston College with a 3.7 GPA?

Instead, Boston College Admissions looks for students who took the most challenging high school coursework that they could, and did well in those challenging courses, based on letter and percentage grades. … And to be competitive, you should be in at least the 3.5-3.7 GPA range for your previous university coursework.

Is Boston College or Boston University harder to get into?

Is Boston University or Boston College Harder to get into? Which school is easier to get into? If you’re looking at acceptance rate alone, then Boston College is more difficult to get into. … On the flipside, Boston University is easier to get into based on acceptance rate alone.

Is Boston College hard to get into?

Admissions Overview

Boston College admissions is very selective with an acceptance rate of 27%. Students that get into Boston College have an average SAT score between 1340-1500 or an average ACT score of 31-34. The regular admissions application deadline for Boston College is January 1.

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Does Boston College have a good acting program?

While we do have a strong program in acting, and the majority of Majors have a primary interest in studying acting, our program is designed to shape what we call “three-dimensional theatre students.” Our students are required to take classes in a broad range of theatre studies, both because it provides them with a …

Does Boston College have pre law?

Consider joining the student pre-law organizations at Boston College, the Bellarmine Law Society and the AHANA Pre-Law Student Association. For more information about preparing for law school, see the American Bar Association’s pre-law page.

How many majors does Boston College offer?

Boston College offers 59 distinct undergraduate degrees, concentrated into 45 majors within 20 broad fields of study.