Is Sinclair a 4 year college?

Sinclair Community College had two of its three proposals approved, including its applied bachelor’s degree in unmanned aerial systems and a four-year degree in aviation, according to the school. “This is one of the most important innovations in education in Ohio in our history.

Is Sinclair a 2 year college?

As a two-year college, students are provided with the opportunity to earn an associate degree or certificate, take a few courses, and even prepare for future employment or education at a four-year institution.

Is Sinclair a university?

Sinclair Community College is a public institution in Dayton, Ohio. Its campus is located in a city with a total enrollment of 18,576. … The highest degree offered at Sinclair Community College is an associate degree. The school has an open admissions policy and offers credit for life experiences.

How many degrees are offered at Sinclair?

There are over 250 programs to choose from at Sinclair. Take a moment, and find the one that’s right for you and your goals!

Is undergraduate college a 4 year college?

Commonly called a “college degree,” the undergraduate bachelor’s degree typically takes four years to complete and is comprised of 120-128 semester credit hours (60 of which may be transferred from an associate degree at a community college – see 2 year programs above).

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Is Sinclair Community College a good school?

4 Top Community College in Ohio. A recent study conducted by, a source that connects students to top quality degree academic programs, ranked Sinclair College as the No. 4 top community college out of 23 of Ohio’s community colleges.

What does Sinclair mean?

French/English. Origin. Meaning. Taken from the hermit saint, ultimately from Latin clarus, meaning “pure, renowned, illustrious“.

Does Sinclair Community College have dorms?

Sinclair Community College/Wright State University Double Degree Program. … Students enrolled in the Double Degree program can select to live in Wright State University’s residence halls while attending Sinclair.

Where does the last name Sinclair come from?

Scottish (of Norman origin): name of a powerful Scottish clan, originally a habitational name from Saint-Clair-sur-Elle in La Manche or Saint-Clair-l’Évêque in Calvados, so called from the dedication of their churches to St. Clarus (see Clare 3).

Can you get a bachelor’s degree from Sinclair Community College?

All Bachelor Degrees

Sinclair Community College now has baccalaureate degree programs which are designed to fulfill specific workforce demands in the Miami Valley region. … Sinclair’s baccalaureate degrees are both approved by Ohio’s Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

What is the meaning of a bachelor’s degree?

: a degree that is given to a student by a college or university usually after four years of study.

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