Who is the dean of Liberty University?

Liberty University has named Robert Mullen, former senior pastor at Shenandoah Baptist Church in Roanoke, Va., as its new dean of students. Mullen replaces Keith Anderson, who now serves as the director of student health records.

Who is the owner of Liberty University?

Jerry Falwell Sr. Liberty University (LU) is a private evangelical Christian university in Lynchburg, Virginia. It was founded by Jerry Falwell Sr. and Elmer L. Towns in 1971.

How many professors does Liberty University have?

Liberty University employs more than 2,500 faculty members, of whom more than 1,700 are full time. This results in a combined residential undergraduate, graduate and online student/faculty ratio of 18:1.

How do you get on the dean’s list at Liberty University?

Dean’s List. Undergraduate associate and bachelor level students who earn 12 or more GPA hours with a term GPA of 3.50 or above are placed on the Dean’s List.

Is Liberty University a respected degree?

Answer: Yes, a degree from Liberty University is respected by employers, graduate schools, and professional organizations across the globe. … Regional accreditation is considered by many professionals and educators to be the most prestigious and respected form of accreditation.

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Is Liberty University a party school?

No parties. Come on, it’s Liberty!

Is Liberty University a real university?

Overview of Liberty University. Liberty University is a private institution that was founded in 1971. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 47,025, its setting is city, and the campus size is 7,000 acres. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar.

What is the dress code at Liberty University?

Attire: Dresses, skirts, dress pants (no jeans of any color, no overalls, no capri/cropped pants, no shorts), sweaters and/or shirts (no sweatshirts, no writing or graphics on shirts except discreet embroidered logos), dress or dressy casual shoes (no tennis, athletic, sport shoes or flip-flops), no headgear (hats, …

Why is Liberty University’s acceptance rate so low?

Why is liberty so selective? Liberty University is generally a selective school, but this is due to the large applicant pool. Students will, in general, need strong grades and high test scores to be admitted to Liberty.

Do Phd students graduate with honors?

No, there are no such titles or honors with grad school, as you must maintain a B or higher to pass. A grade of B- or lower will result in failing or incompleting the course.

What is a failing grade at Liberty University?

Grades, Quality Points, and GPA

Grade Meaning Quality Points Per Semester Hour
D- Very Poor 0.67
F Failure .00
FN Failure for Non-Attendance .00
I Incomplete .00