Best answer: How long does Chase student account last?

College students 17 to 24 years old at account opening with proof of student status for up to 5 years while in college. We will not charge these fees for any item that is $5 or less, even if your account balance at the end of the business day is overdrawn.

How long does a student checking account last?

The date that a student checking account expires can vary from bank to bank. For instance, Chase’s College Checking account becomes a regular checking account after five years from the date the account was opened.

Do student checking accounts expire?

Your bank will still want your money and business when you are no longer a student, so they will not close your account. In the most likely scenario, your bank will convert your account to a standard checking account.

Does Chase charge for student accounts?

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Service Fee: There is no Monthly Service Fee from the time of account opening until after the student’s expected graduation date (up to five years). … Otherwise a $5 Monthly Service Fee will apply.

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What bank account can I open at 16?

A teen checking account is essentially a joint account, with you and your teenager as co-owners of the account. You can open a teen checking account when your child turns 16.

Can a 17 year old open a bank account?

Minors aged 15-17 can open the account on their own without a parent or guardian present.

What happens to a student account when you graduate?

After two or three years, dependent on the bank, your graduate account will be converted into a normal current account – with all the interest and fees these entail.

What type of account is a student checking account?

Student bank accounts are essentially regular bank accounts with some special features for young people. You can deposit cash, earn interest, and use the money to pay expenses. The best banks for students should have a low minimum deposit — the amount you need to put in the account when you first open it.

Does Chase Bank have free checking for students?

Get started on the path to financial independence with a checking account designed to help you take control of your spending. Our flexible Chase savings account with no monthly service fee for students can help you save for your goals during and after college.

Can I change Chase college account to regular account?

If you’re interested in a Chase College Checking account, you’ll need to head into a branch and convert your account. If not, your account will be automatically converted to a Chase Total Checking account.

What happens if your Chase account is negative?

If we pay an item, we’ll charge you a $34 Insufficient Funds Fee per item if your account balance is overdrawn by more than $50 at the end of the business day (maximum of 3 fees per day, for a total of $102).

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Is Chase good for college students?

A Chase Student Checking Account is an excellent choice for most college students. It’s especially good for students who will be attending a college where Chase bank branches and ATMs are common. … In that situation, online checking accounts may be the better choice, since it charges no fees on out-of-network ATMs.

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