Can students use pear deck asynchronously?

Pear Deck enables any teacher to create interactive presentations in which students can respond in real-time or asynchronously to a variety of questions.

Can students record themselves on Pear Deck?

Introducing Add Audio to Pear Deck Lessons! Our new Add Audio feature lets you record or upload audio files to lessons and enables students to listen to those clips from their own devices. This opens in a new window.

Do you have to be a teacher to use Pear Deck?


Teachers/presenters must create a Pear Deck account with Microsoft Office 365 or Google login credentials. You may use a personal or organizational account. Schools with Google Apps for Education or Office 365 Education can install Pear Deck for everyone.

Can you use pear deck with zoom?

Pear Deck gives you interactive options when teaching remotely. Gather students on a video call with Skype, Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Share your screen with an interactive Pear Deck presentation. Students join the presentation in a separate tab (or in a window side-by-side with the video call).

Can students see each other’s responses in pear deck?

Overview. Pear Deck collects your students’ responses in real time and saves them automatically in the Session where they were collected. You can show responses to your class on the Projector View, and view them in the private Teacher Dashboard (with Premium) in real time or after you end the Session.

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How can I get a free Pear Deck?

To make sure all teachers can have Pear Deck in their teaching tool kit, we’ve opened up access to all of Pear Deck’s Premium features. Start a trial of Pear Deck Premium today, for free.